The term Radical (from the Latin radix meaning root) was used during the late 18th century for proponents of the Radical Movement. Historically, it began in the United Kingdom with political support for a \"radical reform\" of the electoral system to widen the franchise. Some radicals sought republicanism, abolition of titles, redistribution of property and freedom of the press. Initially identifying itself as a far left party opposed to the right-wing parties; the Orléanists, the Legitimists and the Bonapartists in France in the nineteenth century, the Republican, Radical and Radical‐Socialist Party progressively became the most important party of the Third Republic (1871–1940).


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Politically incorrect: For decades, # was called a pound sign. If you were to say "dial #123" aloud, you'd say "dial pound one two three." Being aware of this, I find it ironic that sexual assault activists are calling their movement #metoo.

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White Supremacists and Antifa BOTH SUCK

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Have you been "radicalized"?
We need a left wing Milo.

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Communism, roots of black lives matter
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Movement Gaining Ground in U.S. to Grant TREES Personhood Status!! OMG..  The END IS NEAR!   TREE'S.....PERSONHOOD??...But they KILL BABIES in the WOMB, and refuse to call them HUMAN BEINGS! New Zealand has passed legislation that granted one of its national parks personhood, protecting the 821-square-mile national park Te Urewera not as government-owned land, but as "a person, a citizen with legal rights and entitlements."  This idea from a 1972 paper by a University of Southern California professor Christopher Stone called “Should Trees Have Standing?” in which he argued “toward legal rights of natural objects.” No information whether Dr. Stone was mentally ILL, or WHAT!!!

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Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ‘Radical Hate Group’

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Radical Islam
Why do we bother listening to the left?
~Commentary~ Even More on the Fact-Free Left By Thomas Sowell  And history repeats itself . . . Communism and socialism and government overreach have never ever worked. Ever. Ever. Ever. Yet here come these nimrods trying to push it all over again. People are always amazed by this. Yet arguing this to a liberal is like trying to explain quantum physics to my dog. I don’t know if Liberals have some sort of playbook that teaches them what to do when a Conservative is arguing facts, but I’ve noticed they seem to always use certain tactics. The Liberal usually starts by giving their view very forcefully and aggressively. Then when it’s the Conservative’s turn to talk, the Liberal will 1) talk over them, 2) interrupt every time just as the Conservative speaker is coming to an important point, 3) call the Conservative names and insult them, and 4) if those tactics don’t work, make threats. There is no give and take, there is no listening or even attempted comprehension on the part of the Liberal. In fact, they’d prefer it if the Conservative didn’t even get to speak at all. Amazing, the arrogance. Unintended consequences? ~whodunit~

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Are you a fan of Saul Alinsky?
Culture MARXIST on the loose?American flag-burning event set for Brooklyn ahead of 4th of July holiday
Are extremists really necessary?
How does one become radicalized ? Can we reverse the process, develop a program and teach it in schools and communities ?
Western Extremism On the Rise?
Are you a bigot if you are biased against bigots?

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