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What If...
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Have you ever been called for jury duty?   If so, did you serve, or did you try to get out of it?
What are your thoughts on the UK expelling 23 Russian diplomats and taking other measures against Russia over the poisoning of a British spy and his daughter in London?
What if creationist were only put on earth to test our faith in the scientific method, and if we fail we will be forced to exist for eternity in some absurd pseudo-paradisiac scenario?
In terms of 'good' and 'bad' every decision, every change, is zero-sum, equal parts positive and negative.  From what you eat for dinner to whether you trust North Korea - it doesn't matter to the Earth.  Whatever value it brings to you will be exactly balanced by some level of disvalue somewhere else.

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You can too easily lose your temper  when you are denied something you really want... <em>amirite</em>?

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What's a mistake you didn't learn from?
Take leave of your senses every now and then. How else you gonna learn?

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What is this
Besides a bronco and the system, what else would you like to buck?
Where would you least like to stick your finger?
What still exists but we could probably manage without it?
What are your favorite positions in bed? (I am asking about sleeping positions you perverts!)
Guys: for just one year, how would you like to get away with what Trump has for most of his adult life? Girls: how wonderful it would be to be in Melania's shoes... <em>amirite</em>?
<em>What was your biggest "I didn't think this through" moment?</em>
What terrified you the first time you did it by yourself?
What would be the worst thing to use instead if you ran out of toilet paper?
What political situation is in place now, do you think if you told the Founding Fathers about, they would just blink and look at you like you were a complete moron?

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