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What If...
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Your phone rings. There's a knock at the door. You get a reply to one of your Amirite comments or PMs. Your dog needs to go outside... all of these things happen at the same time. Which do you respond to first?
Will you be active on Amirite for the next 6 years? I don't recognize anyone on this list...
Do you have a personal "Bucket List"? If so, which usual popular choice is definitely NOT on your list?
Favorite Snack: What's Yours?
What is your nickname?
Which current profession will be performed by robots one day?
Weekend: What are you going to do this weekend?
If journalists demand TRUTH one of them should run for POTUS... <strong>amirite?</strong>

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Have you ever been sued or sued someone?  What was the reason and how did it turn out?   Care to comment?
Do you ever lose your temper while talking to yourself?
Fashion Faux Pas.  What Qualifies For You?
What keeps you up at night?

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Oh Walmart! What would we do for gags without you?
A 2 part proposition - - 1) Who deserves a holiday named in their honor?  2) Which current holiday should be axed to make way for this new holiday?
This Bumper sticker would sell quite poorly!

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Who is probably not interested in what you have to say?
No one knows who you really are on here. So why don't you say <u>exactly</u> what's on your mind?
What if humans are just part of god's plan to cook the oceans into soup?
What did you do that made you question your own intelligence?
It's the weekend, what are your plans if any?
What to do when a double espresso isn't enough to start your day?
Heavens Above! Are there many stars in your sky? Fat chance if you live in a city... <strong>amirite?</strong>
Small Talk: What's your go-to small talk subject?
If cats are aloof and dogs are friendly...what are humans?
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