That coldish time of year when the trees go dormant.


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Ever seen an icicle like this one?
Your favorite vacation spot... how would you like to live there year-round?
Ever had thundersnow?
Anyone seen algore? aka the Goracle
Post a favourite song with a Winter-not Christmas-theme
I hate wintertime. Now, it's snowing up for two whole days, straight up, so we'll need a helicopter ride to... Oh... Wait... Is that a minigun I hear or are you just unhappy to see me? Oh, you are. Damn it.

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When is it a bad time to wear a dress?
Quiz: Are You a Winter Person or a Summer Person?
Name something good/great about winter.
🔥My hair is supercurlyfrizzoliciousextradryadocious now. Stupid winter. Amirite?🔥
Are you keeping warm this winter?
Okay.....Time To Share

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🌲 In Canada, you get fined for not having a snowman on your property at all times. Amirite? 🌲
Which winter sport is the most fun?
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*Quiz* Are you obsessed with winter season?
Stormy winds, rain and snow are sweeping over the country since about two days - reflecting today's tormented times and souls:   Torments  Long nights awake, short days asleep - winter spreading its flocks of sheep; white linen covers hills and plains - nature rests, whilst "King Blizzard" slains; icy winds cross mysterious veils, waves break ashore with foamy tails.  Wild beauty alternates with still - naked trees with clouds of glitter spill; silence damps the roaring powers, golden rays sow crystal flowers - serenity opens the game, another season, a new name,  Melt all the coats of ice and snow, break free the rivers' vivid flow! The nature bears her tender green, all spotted with a flowery screen; spring drives away the awful cold, heart'ning again the young and old ...  Marianne
During the winter months, which of your extremities gets coldest the quickest?
Dawn  The silence talks to ancient thought, where in the dark the light was sought, brooding throughout a velvet night, waiting to see the shining knight …  It is a kind of weary peace, a black sky, like an empty piece veiling the door to a new day which will reveal the hidden bay.  And a pale gleam appears, all grey, some birds sing and greet the first ray; Eos spreads pink shades on the sky, a timid flush hides, like a spy.  Then follows a fine golden glow a glitter shining in a blow; the sun awakes, with it the firth spreading daylight over the earth.  When the old year comes to an end a new one waits at midnight’s bend; upon long nights in winter time, all whitened by the snow and rime.  Like a morning, the new year dawns for all creatures, leaders and pawns; with fireworks and noisy cheers, while the blue globe it's cycles steers.  Another turn started the year, though still in winter, spring is near; renewal rings another start, a bright star on the planet’s chart!  Marianne
What is your favorite hot meal in the winter time?

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