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About me.
Voting and favouriting, much less posting.


I think you are pleasing the crowd.

Yeah, I'm the same - I try to get at least 6 hours in, but I usually can't get to sleep. Also, I usually say "I'll stay up all night and X,Y and Z finally done" but I waste the time doing nothing.

Sounds cool. I'll look it up, the writing month thing (sorry about the short replies, I'm doing a bunch of thigns at once)

Nah, I actually lost my learner's licence over a year ago, and I've been too lazy to get a new one. I don't have a car anyway.

Yeah, some records are closed, so that no one attempts them, like the fattest person record is closed, and there was one where a rooster lived for a long time without a head, and that was closed so people wouldn't go around cut heads off roosters to try and break the record.

And, yeah, it would probably just be for a few days, but just to monitor how we were going during that period and crap, and I was thinking that 4 people could do it, so we could see the different reactions. And I wanted to edit it really nice, like with the homeless one I wanted to set up interviews with people who work with homeless in the city and all, kinda like in Supersize me how they interviewed a lot of people. There's not really a sleep expert you can interview or anything, but maybe just ask people on the street, do they get enough sleep, what's stopping them, etc.

Lol Y so insecure about your age and **** and nationality? Granted, 16 year old American females are the majority of this site, but still. What is NaNoWriMo?

Do you have any drawing online? I can't draw for shit.

Yeah. We're actually talking about doing something for YouTube, during the holidays, about how long we can stay up without sleeping, and filming ourselves as we go through it. That's just an idea at the moment, though.

All my Uni lectutors hate Wikipedia, but I always read the Wiki page before I read the book, because it just makes it easier to understand, as well as Sparknotes.

Yeah, it sucks getting people to agree to filming. Like, when I was in High School we used to film at shopping centres, and the management were cool with it as long as we didn't make the shopping centres look bad (ie, this store is a rip off, this mall is so dirty) but the doco, would have shown Brisbane in a negative light, I suppose.

Yeah, it has that lost kinda feel.
I think more market needs to be given to the stage of life between adolescence and adulthood. Like, adolescence is seen as the stage between childhood and adulthood, but I reckon there's a whole life stage before adulthood where you're old enough to do stuff, but you're lost and confused and don't know where you're going.

The book I read last semester I liked, but I just find the Odesey really boring. Also, it's hard to keep track of all the characters, because the names are so odd and they blend in together.

Lol really, I'll have to read it, since my friend and I were considered doing something similar - living in the city for two weeks, with only around $20 a week to live on (some stats thing showed the homeless people in Queensland on average only collect around 20$ a week so that was where that number came on) and we had it all planned out, like, we had three guys willing to film, and they had specific rules like they couldn't talk to us, or help us unless we were seriously hurt or in danger, and all this other crap, but we couldn't get the city council to agree to it. Plus, it would have been hard trying to be "homeless" with someone filming us.

Yes, On The Road is one of my favourite books, it's actually really depressing though.

IDK what it is, but it just seems boring to me, and because I have to read a certain amount each week, it's hard to enjoy a book when you have to read it, as opposed to wanted to.

What's Nickel and Dimed about? I haven't read the Grapes of Wrath, but it is on my mental list of things to read if I can ever find the time.

Um, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas may possibly be my favourite book, I haven't really read a novel purely for pleasure lately, I'm currently reading Homer's The Odyssey and Beowulf for Uni, and they're quite old and hard to get through.

Lol, I usually listen to it when doing chores around the house, and I actually get turning the washing machine off so I could hear :P

Yeah, when shit turns bad, fucking bail.

So, tell me more about yourself? What do you wanna talk about?

The first one, IDK what it's called, I think just Mighty Boosh live is really good, the latest one, Future Sailors tour, is alright, I actually can't remember most of it but I remember I was bored halfway through it.

Also, if you can, get the radio series - before they filmed the TV shows, they had a radio series, and it's funny as hell.

Lol, during the last election, everyone said that if Tony Abbott became Prime Minister, they'd move to New Zealand.

No, I've never seen them live. And I don't think they've toured Australia. I've seen the live shows on DVD but.

Lol, why are you ashamed of admitting to being American? I know they cop a fair bit online, but still. When are you moving to Canada?

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