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I'm black and some racist jokes r funny not gonna lie but this one is not right

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johnsontabitha johnsontabitha

In response to “I'm black and some racist jokes r funny not...

If this one crosses your line, I can't imagine what "racist" jokes you approve of.
"There once was a black man"
you: too far man. too far

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That made me laugh so hard I started choking -_-

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In response to “That made me laugh so hard I started choking -_-

(Your+name+(optional)): Funny prank: Write a hilarious post and have someone read it. While they sit there, choking on their laughter, you beat them to death with a crowbar.

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Rocky Rocky

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What's so great about Ceasar? Brutus is just as cute as Ceasar. Brutus is just as smart as Ceasar. Okay, everyone totally likes Brutus as much as they like Ceasar. And since when is it okay for one person to be the boss of other people? Because, that is NOT what Rome is about!

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Wynaut Wynaut

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But "Jake?" Oh boy, she's going to have a field day with that one!

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Tallglassofwater Tallglassofwater

In response to “But "Jake?" Oh boy, she's going to...

Jake, Jake, my dear Jake
I want to stab you with a rake
And dump your body in a lake
Or bake it in a birthday cake
I hope you get bitten by a snake
Your empty promises were so fake
You really made my poor heart ache.

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Once upon messup a time, Jesus said "Listen, I want everyone to eat their arms or jump on Ufelia the butterfly and bumgina hotpockets and after that swan combo-breaker into the depths of rainbow road pizza a large voluptious man smurf cat jumped into had babies away. Into on GerberChickens, the **** potato. And then everybody died. THE END.

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