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For anyone wondering:
1. Pull back hair and hold it with left hand.
2. Using right hand, stick pencil eraser first from right to left through hair between left hand and head.
3. Wrap hair around pencil.
4. Rotate pencil 90 degrees so eraser is on top.
5. Flip pencil over with the eraser going through your hair down the back of your head and the point coming up to the top.

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Oh god, right in the feels.
It's sad to think that'll there will be a last of everything when you die. Like your last genuine smile, last hug, etc.

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In response to “Oh god, right in the feels. It's sad to...

feel is Arabic for elephant.


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Shadi Shadi

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most pencils are black, amirite?

funny how that works.

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In response to “most pencils are black, amirite? funny how...

Most of my pencils are Chinese.

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Well, gays quite clearly don't have families. They appear in a puff of pink smoke when a butterfly crosses through a rainbow.

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Yeah, first time I saw you I was walking through Ikea
What would hit me next man, I had no idea
Couldn't leave your side without a simple ''see ya''
So I came up with a great idea

Oh candle, candle, candle
You're much more than I can handle, handle, handle
Your light shines so bright
Throughout my darkest night

Grabbed you quick and inhaled your aroma
Candle, if I could study you I'd get mah diploma

Just knew right there with you in my nearest sight
That I would light you, overjoyed everynight

Oh candle, candle, candle
Our love is quite the scandal, scandal, scandal
I don't care what others say
I want you to stay

You never fight me, nor spite me
Starting to think that our love might be
Just slightly, a little frightly
Candle you plus me, want everyone to see (l)

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Anything with "man" purposefully placed in it without it actually being a word is ridiculous.

I eat MAN-food. Surely my masculinity has been proven because I am not eating just food, but MAN-food.
I don't just use a computer, but a MAN-computer. Only the most manly of men use one.
I like MAN-women. Not just women, women aren't manly enough to match my masculinity. They must be MAN-woman enough for me.
I'm a MAN. Manly man. Manliest manly man you'll ever meet because I have a **** and testicles.

On a partially related note, this competition to be the most masculine man is retarded. You don't prove anything by benching 500 pounds and having ** with as many women as possible other than you can bench 500 pounds and that you have a lot of **. They mean nothing outside of personal issues (also, the latter might also gain you man-herpes).

They're all a bunch of tools looking for something to conform to so they feel like a special snowflake.

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AdonisBatheus AdonisBatheus

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What's worse is when you get to around 10th grade and they start asking you what college you want to go to. And if you give them an answer, they tell everyone about it.
To solve this, I told my parents a different college every time. For a while, I had everyone believing that my dream was to go to the Honolulu Institute of Colorado to major in Quantum Mechanical Biology.

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runnerdude runnerdude

If you split an iPod in half you get an iPod Nano and an iPod Shuffle, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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Mind = blown

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In response to “Mind = blown

And we all know men think with their **** this just confirmed what we've been saying about POTDs for years (wary)

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runnerdude runnerdude

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A woman jumped into my car
crying and distraught
"Please help me, I've just been
"How unlucky," I said. "Raped
twice in the same night."
"Twice?" she said. I locked all the doors.

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shorkian shorkian

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My opinion is that gays and lesbians should be afforded extra rights under the law, as I believe they are descended from an immortal race of beings whom we must revere as the ancient Sumerians would have revered their god An. All Americans should spend four hours of every workday erecting elaborate temples in which to worship our omnipotent homosexual overlords, and we all must sacrifice ourselves willingly upon the altar of the gay and lesbian community, everyone of us, including children, who, by the way, I think should be eligible to drink, drive, and vote from age four on up.

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