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America is the most powerful. Doesn't mean that they're always right though, and that's why I almost never support some of their policies. Just like any other country, they're trying to become more powerful while pushing other countries down so the world will eventually end up to be one huge clusterfuck of "America" and "America's vassals".

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Japan was a natural disaster, something that they were unable to prevent. the twin towers was a tragic event where thousands of innocent people who were just making a living for their families died, all because someone "didn't like us" seriously who kills that many people for that reason? thats why is so sad and you're a jerk.

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In response to “Japan was a natural disaster, something that...

Atomic bomb =/= Natural Disaster

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Jailbreaking isn't hard... and it isn't illegal or piracy either. It just opens up your iOS so that it allows changing of the system files... and although you CAN use that to get free apps or mess up your device, unless you go and delete everything in your system, it really doesn't slow down or affect your device bad in any way.

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