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Finally, a post where girls can discuss hot guys, rather than just hearing about chicks with big ** in **. (y)

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That show sucked back then and it sucks now. I did, however, secretly enjoy Nick Jr. and Playhouse Disney. (PB&J Otter and Rolie Polie Olie,[sp] anyone?)

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In response to “That show sucked back then and it sucks now...

A freakin loved pb&j otter. And Rolie Polie Olie and Out of the Box.

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Shugah Shugah

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Lol I lived in both...How is canda not a bigger Minnesota? A few big cities and a lot of nothing and a cold **** winter....

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Supermannn Supermannn

In response to “Lol I lived in both...How is canda not a...

I guess it is all your own perspective. The crime rates are much lower. Common courtesy is much more, well, common. Tim Hortons. Free health care and services. Tim Hortons.

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RileyTheBear RileyTheBear

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no u dont get it its bcuz its saying cuz theres lots of ppl in the world tht itd be 1 in 7000 u moron

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No you don't get it because it's saying because there's a lot of people in the world that it would be 1 in 7,000 you moron.

Even with proper spelling that made no sense.

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Yes, Anthony is less than 33 years old, but I don't see why you have to write that on your arm.

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Rainbows Rainbows

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Is that the same as Team 'Guy who almost hit Bella with his car' because that's the team I'm on

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Philosopher Philosopher

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