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i clicked on her profile and she's not a preteen girl... granted, it's barely. she says she's 16... and I'm 28. Ya'll need to take the post in the reference she's making, I think. Say you're at a club with your friends, your gf isn't around. This other girl comes up and starts trying to hit on you, touching you, flirting, buying you drinks, etc. there's no kissing, no **, but you don't push her away, you don't tell her you have a gf, you don't protest and you don't discourage the girl. I think that's what this poster meant... a lot of people wouldn't call that situation cheating, but it totally is still a betrayal of trust just as bad as cheating where you have **.

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tieranosaur tieranosaur

In response to “i clicked on her profile and she's not a...

That is exactly what I meant! Perhaps I should've used "betraying their trust" instead of "cheating." Thank you.

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I think it depends partly on genes. I'm half black, half white, have never used sunblock and have never gotten a sunburn..

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Imagine counting to 100.

Then doing it 10 times.

Then doing THAT 10 times.

Then doing THAT another 8.6 times.

It doesn't seem short at all.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

In response to “Imagine counting to 100. Then doing it 10...

No, not if you put it that way.

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