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We not only need a new government. But first we need to level and destroy the one we have. That includes Obama's job. Our system of government is inherently flawed. Because it was started by rich people. That's our problem. You cannot trust a greedy ** to manage hard working individuals without it being for profit. We need a hard working people led government that isn't out of touch. And there should be no decisions made without the explicit approval of those people. It's common sense management. Rich people should not be allowed in politics. Because THEY are what is wrong. The name of the game in life isn't to get rich. Thousands of years worth of wisdom taught us that focusing on money is bad. REAL bad. And when you live in a world where the greedy are the driving force, what do you expect? They are ** away our resources, and making lying the new morality. This is where I hope the dollar becomes a completely worthless piece of paper. Its the only way to short circuit the madness of wealth. The people are the majority, like it or not. And if we make them all unable to focus on getting rich, then they will forsake the idea. And this will inadvertantly cause many corporations to crash and burn. That's a good thing. Lawyers will be out of a job. Many doctors will have no choice but to help people or go out of business. And that is a REALLY good thing. We won't have to look at 40 McDonald's in one city. And people will have no choice but to forsake the grocery stores and become self reliant. Get their food for free by growing it. We have all the means necessary to go off the grid and live for ourselves. And provide more than enough to become a community that helps one another. Not through some corrupt charity organizations like we see everywhere today. But like neighbors. Face to face communication. It;s pretty sad when the Amish got it more right than we did. And they don't need to learn the same lesson twice like we do. And they only go to the 8th grade! So that tells you that college grads are NOT smarter than an 8th grader!

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