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I think, if I were to name my child (that's a stupid statement, of course I'd name it), I'd name him/her something that a cool nickname can be derived of. Like.. *suddenly can't think of any name, ever*

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TheLycanLady TheLycanLady

In response to “I think, if I were to name my child (that's a...

name him PTERODACTYL! .... or terry for short

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

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I used to think that babies were products you get in a shop, and that they were packaged in really small glass bottles that the dad would insert into the mom's ear as some sort of present.
Don't even ask me what gave me this idea.

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KoalaHugger_ KoalaHugger_

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I feel like things like that would tend to prolong racism rather than help it. It makes things more equal, but also more separate.

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BP032 BP032

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Oh my Gosh, it's a bit silly of me, but it drives me crazy that Joey from Friends is described as a Catholic in season one in more than one episode, but later on he is Jewish! And that's a large detail to change!

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Lilblair16 Lilblair16

In response to “Oh my Gosh, it's a bit silly of me, but it...

I think i missed that episode. Also, if he's Jewish, why did she use ham?

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

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worst scenario when that happens: i'll still have it even after you licked it. *damn..*

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I remember I was reading a book by Jerry Spinelli called "Eggs". But the cover didn't actually say "Eggs", it just showed a carton of eggs. So everybody thought I was reading a book called "Jerry Spinelli".

...True story.

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Everyone thinks mine is Patrick and Spongebob mixed together, but it's not. There was a pink sponge sitting on the table next to me.

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PinkSponge PinkSponge

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