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Non-Girks: You want to know what the **** a "Girk" is and whether or not you can buy one, amirite?

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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Helium: HeHeHe, this is clever. Sodium: Na, it isn't that clever. Gold: Au, Sodium, YES it is. Silver: Ag, I don't get it.

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I'll take chances, but not if it will most likely hurt me. I'll tell the truth when the situation calls for it. I'm sure as hell not going to consciously create a dysfunctional relationship. "Random" is being like "omg ninjas lolzzz!!1!!11!". I'll say "I love you" when I mean it, and no other time. I'll laugh at things that are funny. i'll cry when something hurts me enough to make me cry anyway. As for regretting: I won't dwell on what I've done, but I'll try to make it better, admit I made a mistake, and consciously try to avoid making it again in the future.

If you're wondering why I'm such a buzzkill for voting this down, this is the kind of "meaningful" crap that people think is insightful and profound and deep, when it's really just the same crap written on every teenage girl's facebook wall. It's a bunch of buzz words, nothing deep. And people won't change at all because they read it.

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polarthebear polarthebear

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 |..  |
    |.  .  |
    |.     |   
       |  |
  / |   |
 |  |   |
 | / . .       
     | |.   | |.                                     
     | |.   | |
     | |.   | |
     .   

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If you were Christian you would have gotten presents instead. As long as you know what you deserve.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

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My question has always been what kind of kid takes their role models from Nickelodeon sitcoms?

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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No way! They should make December 26th international Try Out Your New Shit Day

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