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Guys: You feel super-confused when you give your girlfriend a ****, amirite?

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

In response to “Guys: You feel super-confused when you give...

That would be quite a predickament

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name name

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This is a really good idea. Part of the problem with politics today is that people forget the separation of church and state because the state uses the same terms the church does for different concepts. Religious marriage and legal marriage are completely different things.

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The point is, they're getting married legally. If I were a gay person who wanted to marry, I couldn't care less if they called it dratzenschtoompf. I'm forming a life-long, legal bond with the person I love, I can enjoy all the benefits of everyone else, and there's no controversy. And besides, even if it isn't outright called marriage by everyone, who is to stop them from calling it marriage themselves, unofficially? We call things by different, unofficial names all the time. Since there's no legal differences between the two, why does it matter? It's just a name.

The process for the removal of animals' **** organs is different based on gender. One is to spay and one is to neuter. Does this mean one is different than the other? No, they're the same process. Removal of the genitalia to prevent pregnancies. If one is really going to get upset after they've achieved the same rights as every other person in the country who wants to marry because the name is not one they like, it shows they'll never be happy, no matter what.

This obsession with nomenclature is so petty, and the energy should really be used by them to fight for more important things, like tolerance in general.

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BonslyGuy BonslyGuy

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So by that logic, if a woman in, say 1900, was tired of being slammed for wanting to play sports, someone could just say "Well if you'd stay in the kitchen you wouldn't have that problem" and we'd still be where we are today, right? The point is, it's a misogynistic view that needs to be filtered out of peoples' minds.

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and, if men are better, ever think its because women are not given the same chance as men? or because they dont get the same fundings to train? jeez, and that sounds pretty damn sexist to me.

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Yeah, it's so annoying that people want reproductive rights...

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You want to discover who you are? Here's a tip: read a book. Find a hobby. Get a job. Do some volunteer work. Join a debate club. As I mature I find that life's less about the sappy Disney story of finding yourself. It's about building yourself. It's about deciding how you wish to present yourself as a decent and mature person. And if you think, even for a second, that your outward appearance holds more for your potential than actually developing character, then I absolutely don't think you're ready to make these decisions. It can take years, lifetimes to build a reputation; make sure it's one you'll be proud of.

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colette colette

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I play COD in the bedroom with my women.

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In response to “I play COD in the bedroom with my women.

*while having ** and playing COD* DAMNIT! RESPAWN! RESPAWN! WAIT. NO! NOT THAT KIND! **.

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jraaey jraaey

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i dont really feel like arguing a lot on this topic and clogging up my notifications from replies, so instead, ill tell you why i oppose it and you can take it however you want to...
1 Corinthians 6:9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
2. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, as instructed in the Bible.
3. Marriage is sacred, so it seems as though gay marriage, and the Kardashians, are making a mockery of it.
4. The main idea of marriage is to bond a man and woman spiritually as well as physically, usually resulting in the production of a child. I am not saying couples without children are wastes, as not all people have vocations to have children. Obviously same **** couples are incapable of continuing the creation of life.
5. It seems as though homosexuality is more like a luxury, brought by a culture that views **** too casually
i realize it's probably easier to argue for same ****, more likely for it legal

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In response to “i dont really feel like arguing a lot on this...

Using a Bible verse to win an argument makes you lose that argument.

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BoatsandHoes BoatsandHoes

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Don't act all surprised when he rapes you. Leading guys on like that is asking for trouble.

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In response to “Don't act all surprised when he rapes you...

That's rape culture.

Leading guys on and 'asking for it' does not cause rape. Rapists and rapists only cause rape. Period.

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I love the forwardness of this post. (y) for you.

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Kashish Kashish

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You want to see something awesome? Go to cnn's site and search for NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act.

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Apple_Pie Apple_Pie

In response to “You want to see something awesome? Go to...

You mean nothing? Sometimes I feel like they purposely propose ridiculous laws to divert our attention from what the government is really doing. Like when Bush talked about abortion or gay marriage when he was about to do something ridiculous... this SOPA, PIPA thing came up right after the passing of this bill.

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KickAss KickAss

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There's no gene that determines that i like the color blue or that i like Italian food either! I don't think DNA decides what our preferences are. There may be no gay gene, but there isn't a blue gene or an Italian food gene. So shut up :)

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They'll turn into hunters.

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H_Deatheart H_Deatheart

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Emma, I'm sorry to say this, but the feminism of today, isn't the same as the feminism of the 20th century.
It has gone from something reputable and respectable, to misandric angry women. Sure, this isn't 100% of modern feminists, but it's a good 2/3 of them. It's just the picking and choosing of rights to avoid burdens. Burdens such as front-line service, equality in divorce court, signing for selective service, INCREDIBLY more expensive Life, Health, and Car insurance. That, is modern feminism.

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Chuckonice Chuckonice

In response to “Emma, I'm sorry to say this, but the feminism...

A good 2/3? REALLY? No. It's just that these "angry women" grab your attention more easily.

I think you need some clarification: women still don't have equal pay, still aren't guaranteed the same jobs, are abused in mainstream **, are viewed as and treated like incredibly vulnerable, weak, pathetic creatures who need someone to look after them, have INCREDIBLY higher standards put on them by society -standards so high that they are literally impossible to live up to (look this way, be this skinny, wear makeup but not too much or you're a , don't have with as many people as the average guy or you're a , put up with sexist jokes because men know what sexism feels like and they know you're just being too sensitive) in some places women are actually shunned during their menstrual period, in some places still can't even vote- this is endless. And I am so tired of this ** belief that feminists are just whiny bitches that hate men.

By the way, mens' taxes aren't that much higher than womens'. Womens' taxes are rising.

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