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I was playing it yesterday and my sim was fighting a fire on the day he aged up so he was halfway through putting out a sim when he just stopped and spent an hour and a half celebrating his birthday while a house and two sims where on fire. They both died.

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WideAwake WideAwake

In response to “I was playing it yesterday and my sim was...

This isn't a fire story but the child protection lady came for my sim's baby one time and I built a wall around her until the parents got their shit together.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

This is what Billy Mays' tombstone should say, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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Then half of his body should be somewhere else near by and that head stone should read, "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE."

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Norma Norma

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Biiiiitch I rolled out of my mom with hairgel, a leather jacket and aviators on. These kind of looks don't just "grow".

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runnerdude runnerdude

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"Are you having ****?"
"Holy shit Mike & Sully?? I'm sorry you guy had to see that."
"No! It's cool! Put that thing back in her ****, or so help me!"

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amiritesucksnow amiritesucksnow

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I have brainstormed a list of alternative names:
Blockbuster store
Couch armrest cover
Paper weight
Cuff link
Pinky toe
Silent H

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “I have brainstormed a list of alternative...

Fireproof matches
Waterproof towel
Book on how to read
Diet celery
Powdered water (just add water!)
Inflatable anchor
DVD on how to install a DVD player
Battery-powered battery charger
Helicopter ejector seat
Solar-powered flashlight

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Whacka Whacka

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"Aaaayyy, why you so souppid?"

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RunThePacific RunThePacific

In response to “"Aaaayyy, why you so souppid?"

Aaaayyy Copernicus, why don't you´╗┐ navigate yourself to the back of the line with your feet and stand there with your shirt?

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Dwight Dwight

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Hahahahaha. Sexism.

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Ridge Ridge

In response to “Hahahahaha. Sexism.

i'm not sexist because sexism is wrong. and being wrong is for women.

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Cgymnast7 Cgymnast7

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Shut up with your stupid **** goddamn post with your mother last night in your room and you were adopted ....face.

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It depends. If I had to steal an army helicopter and crash land it into the prison he is in to attract the guards while he makes a run for it, then yes. But no way in hell would I jaywalk to get said helicopter.

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Serg Serg

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-Shoot everyone in the airport to cancel all flights.
-Steal plane fuel.
-Add banner to the towers that says "NOT world trade center".
-Wipe peanut butter on the plane, so the pilots woul be like "Shit. I can't fly because there's peanut butter on my plane!"
-All of the above

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Serg Serg

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**, getting turned on by anything by anything is strange. is strange. Living is strange. We're just a bunch of atoms with consciousness, what the ** is going on.

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Ed_ Ed_

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What are the first 41 rules?

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In response to “What are the first 41 rules?

1. If the remote is more than arms length away, it's impossible to reach
2. It is forbidden to ever get up for your own beverage, you must always ask as many people as possible to get it for you
3. If no one will get you the drink (lazy bastards), you must rethink your thirst
4. Homework is going to take longer than 30 minutes? It's not that important
5. Homework isn't due tomorrow? Thats not getting started tonight
6. Don't set a passoword on your phone, it takes too much energy to enter in EVERY TIME you open your phone
7. Walking from class to class on a daily basis is enough exercise, therefore you can spend the rest of your time on amirite?
8. You must fill your arms to the maximum capacity when moving things so you don't have to ever make two trips
9. If you can't reach your phone charger from your comfy bed, don't bother plugging it in
10. Lifting your arm is too tiring when you first wake up, so just sleep through your alarm clock instead of hitting snooze
11. It takes too much energy to actually find the people in your house you need to talk to, just call them from your cell phone no matter how close you are
41. Don't write all the lazy rules- it's a waste of time

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PartyPat PartyPat

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I prefer amirite notifications. I think they look a lot cooler then Facebook ones. Quick! Everyone love this comment so i can enjoy the tiny red circle of greatness!

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Jesus_Christ Jesus_Christ

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It's even worse when you miss your plane because you took the time to write "to" instead of "2".

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Whacka Whacka

In response to “It's even worse when you miss your plane...

You think that's bad? I once typed "two" instead of "2" and I missed the entire 9th grade.

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Like when my parents got me a Macbook Pro instead of a Macbook Air. I damn near called Child Protective Services.

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brunetterox915 brunetterox915

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sometimes i wish i was a harry potter fan so i can understand the harry potter POTD's...

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ilikefurrywolves4815 ilikefurrywolves4815

In response to “sometimes i wish i was a harry potter fan so...

All you need to know is that Voldemort and Harry Potter team up to kill a ginger boy named Ron Weasley. Hermione is a lesbian, and loves Bellatrix, but Bellatrix loves Ron, and she kills Voldemort trying to save Ron. Fred Weasley dies of a drug overdose. A horcrux is a magical item that makes Harry invincible. Harry and Ron fight to the death, but Harry wins due to the Horcrux. Fred's twin, George Weasley, commits suicide after Ron and Fred die. Bellatrix steals Harry's Horcrux, and kills him for killing the love of her life, and then Hermione kills Bellatrix, knowing she could never have her. Hermione marries Nevile Longbottom, pretending to love him. They end up ruling the wizard world, over throwing Albus Dumbledore.

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DandyLion DandyLion

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