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This is actually such a good analogy. When you have the TV on, you're forced to mentally ingest a small, limited window of the world, contained in a carefully planned and edited program. There may be one type of show on now, but next year, some shows will be cancelled and new ones will appear, and 10 years from now, TV will be unrecognizable from what it is now, although somewhat similar. A person from one country will have a limited number of channels to choose from, a person from another country will watch another set of channels, and the best country may be able to broadcast their channels throughout other countries if they're influential enough and if the market is right.

Meanwhile, once you turn the television off, the entire world becomes your oyster. It may not be as immediately rewarding, but there is so much more to do and explore and get done. A TV show is carefully planned and edited, but the real world will seem much more random and meaningless. And simply not watching TV doesn't say much about you as a person. While everybody watching a particular TV episode is viewing the exact same material, people who turn the TV off are off doing all kinds of different things.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

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This may just be mine, but **** don't really smell like fish. Just for all the traumatized virgin boys out there.

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In response to “This may just be mine, but **** don't really...

"If it smells like trout get the **** out."

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So the post was made july 11th. then anon posted feb 11 then jewish doggy posted oct 11.
11 11 11. make a WISH!!!

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I wish we could all get along like we did on the old amirite?. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy...

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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I'm only that confused when my ice cream is hotter than two rats bumping uglies in a wool sock.

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Serg Serg

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chivarly truly is dead...

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"Chivalry's not dead, it's on the couch where you made it sleep." - Hilltop Hoods

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Men fall in love with women. Women fall in love with the feeling of being loved.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

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Intelligence is partially genetics. A lot of it does have to do with working hard and applying yourself but most of your capacity for intelligence is genetics.

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Mary Mary

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A tank could have a capacity of a thousand gallons of water, but it'll stay empty until someone makes the effort to fill it.

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MrRite MrRite

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