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Way to not give recognition to the other Asian nationalities and to sleeping people. (un)

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Sun Sun

In response to “Way to not give recognition to the other...

-_- =
People from Afghanistan
People from Armenia
People from Azerbaijan
People from Bahrain
People from Bangladesh
People from Bhutan
People from British Indian Ocean Territory
People from Brunei
People from Cambodia
People from China
People from Christmas Island
People from Cocos Islands
People from Georgia
People from Hong Kong
People from India
People from Indonesia
People from Iran
People from Iraq
People from Israel
People from Japan
People from Jordan
People from Kazakhstan
People from Kuwait
People from Kyrgyzstan
People from Laos
People from Lebanon
People from Macao
People from Malaysia
People from Maldives
People from Mongolia
People from Myanmar
People from Nepal
People from North Korea
People from Oman
People from Pakistan
People from Palestinian Territory
People from Philippines
People from Qatar
People from Saudi Arabia
People from Singapore
People from South Korea
People from Sri Lanka
People from Syria
People from Taiwan
People from Tajikistan
People from Thailand
People from Turkey
People from Turkmenistan
People from United Arab Emirates
People from Uzbekistan
People from Vietnam
People from Yemen
And sleeping people.
Better, Dennis?

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Kashish Kashish

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Lol my fiancé said he probably wouldn't mind if he's that old, but then he was like, "well it just depends..." if he's careful then I think I'd be okay...but I dunno. I think a lot of teens today are still too immature to being having ****. It bugs me that people try to bang as many people as possible, too! In my opinion it should be a special thing saved for the person you would want to be with forever, not just someone you'd be stuck with if there was an unplanned baby...just my thoughts.

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In response to “Lol my fiancé said he probably wouldn't...

Exactly. I don't think there is anything wrong with premarital **** as long as it's with someone you are absolutely sure you love and who loves you too. Not just some random person you think is hot.

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When I was in 6th grade, my teacher told us about this race horse name "Hoof-Hearted" and how funny it was to hear the announcers yell its name quickly.

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