This is literally about how i don't understand suicide what I don't understand is how everyone is depressed suddenly, at 12-14 whats there to be depressed about? I get that school is hard and so is literally every aspect of life, but everyone deals with it, fair enough I went through it and thought I was depressed but I never had reason, because at 14 there is no reason to be, i don't understand how nearly all girls are depressed, mainly over guys, they're just guys, girls literally want to kill themselves over guys, what the actual ** there's like another 3.5 billion guys, why want to kill yourself over one, I get that life is hard and being dead would be easier but people actually suffer with mental illnesses, people shouldn't just decide they have a mental illness, you can't just one day decide you're depressed or bipolar, it's not an accessory that you should want or show off to your friends. I don't get how someone can want to die at 14? you haven't lived yet, think of everything they'd miss out on, finishing school/college/uni, going to concerts, festivals, parties, watching you're little brother or sister grow up and find love then watch your niece or nephew grow up,going away with your friends, going to a hen night, finding the love of your life, having kids, getting married and having your best friends be your bridesmaids, laughing with your friends about stupid things you did at 16 but how on earth would you do any of that if you didnt make it past 14? I honestly don't understand how someone could want to miss out on any of that, life might be shit and tough but it comes with some of the greatest things you could imagine, so why end it before you've done them? and I get that people have insecurities, like weight, height, looks but taking a blade to your skin or ending your life doesn't make you fatter/thinner, taller/shorter, or any prettier so why do people do it? I really cant get my head around it, after doing this stuff I honestly feel so stupid because hearing about other people its just like why? no reason will ever be good enough, nothing is worth scarring your skin or ending your life and its not cowardly or selfish but its stupid, I honestly think its stupid, everything comes to an end,except one thing, death, the one thing those people want, it literally makes no sense, why end your life early when whatever it is will go away, putting up with a year of sadness will be worth the 60 years of happiness, surely? people are crazy and dumb and I swear to god anyone that has self harmed has regretted it after, when they look at the scars they made on their body they will realize that guy wasn't worth it or that argument was stupid and they really didn't need to hurt themselves over that and anyone that has committed suicide, just before they took their last breathe, they regretted it, they thought through why they were doing this and they realized shit, this was going to go away this wasn't forever, but death is and this is my last glimpse of the world and i can't do ** now because I'm going to be dead within seconds.

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