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Doubt it. The water would have been too cold for them to survive as it was -2C. Lobsters live in shallower waters and where the titanic sunk was very very deep water. The pressure the ship created while sinking would have crushed them and they probably would have had their claws tied.

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SpearmintMilk SpearmintMilk

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I'll just touch you randomly and you'll be all "Is this molestation? I think it is!"

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Any idea?

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-It is at a concentration camp.
-there will be **** music
-there will be someone who's "job" is to select **** music to play while simultaneously ruin perfectly good records
-he will probably be wearing douchebag headphones and/or act like a douchebag
.there will be dancing
-there will be dancing
-the dancing will be to the aforementioned **** music with a "good beat"
-the music will have no melody
-there will be a bunch of bastards there
-strobe lights cause seizures
-the lyrics to the music will be awful

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Ram27 Ram27

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Oh, nonchalantly aggressive anon, when will you realize that these comments don't earn you atheist points in anyone's mind but your own? Chill out a bit, you're giving us a bad reputation.

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colette colette

In response to “Oh, nonchalantly aggressive anon, when will...

In fact, Christians might want to agree with this. The Bible written in its original language does not mention 'Hell' at all, but words such as Sheol and Gehenna. Gehenna was a places on Earth used to dump dead and diseased bodies, Sheol is a Hebrew word which can be roughly translated into a grave or pit. The modern Bible has replaced these and some other words with 'Hell', but the 'original' Bible does not mention Hell a single time.

Don't wanna cause a huge religious debate, just thought I'd share this.

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StealthApple StealthApple

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Why do the white people always go towards the scary sound in horror movies?
The black person would be like, "Oh hell naw! I ain't ready for this shit!" And they would run the **** away. (y)
The End

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My battery recharges fast as a black guy. (y)

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KirstenAnn KirstenAnn

In response to “My battery recharges fast as a black guy. (y)

My battery charges as fast as a black guy running the **** away because the court ordered him to pay child support.

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how is saying "have a good day" being controlling? i dont get you..

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ItsAngie ItsAngie

In response to “how is saying "have a good day" being...

by telling me to "Have a nice day"... they are forcing me to have a nice day. Well, what if i wanted to have an awful day!? huh? I should be able to choose whatever kind of day i want to have!


and also i was being sarcastic.

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TheShamWowGuy TheShamWowGuy

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I can just see the headlines "Santa Claus and reindeers promotes Meth." Followed by a banning of the use of Santa Claus in the media and the congress voting Christmas a vegetable.

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BurnyBurn BurnyBurn

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Isn't it ironic how the one reindeer nobody liked is the one who ends up famous, and gets allll the bitches.

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In response to “Isn't it ironic how the one reindeer nobody...


Bitches are dogs.

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MartellusBoss MartellusBoss

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EpicFlameSword EpicFlameSword


I believe the laugh you are looking for is "mwahahah"
For future reference:
BWAHAHAHA = laughing so hard im going to explode
MWAHAHHA = evil laugh
HAHAHAHA = very funny
JAJAJAJA = Yo hablo espanol
TEEHEE = I look cute when I laugh
HEEEHEEE = funny, but not super funny
(hehe) = I speak amirite

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Favvkes Favvkes

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