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I sat here giving this post at (d) face for quite some time. Here's my entire thought process.

"Well, duh, how many is it supposed to- wait... maybe this is a trick.... one... two... I KNEW IT WAS THREE! YOU CAN'T GET M- wait maybe I counted wrong... ... ... nope there are three... wait four how did I get four? Oh the i looks like an l, there are three... Unless!"

My brain hurts dude...

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

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Exactly! :-) And it's cliché. It seems newscasters have no other way of saying something has become popular quickly.

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

In response to “Exactly! :-) And it's cliché. It...

It's not cliche, it's just gone viral.

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You're not supposed to make posts that are a fact, you are supposed to make them an opinion.

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name name

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I'm half Cherokee, half Irish, half Mexican, half Canadian, half Guatemalan, half Russian and half Ethiopian.

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saxybandgeek saxybandgeek

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Formatting issue there bud. I gotchu though. Unless you don't think I do

Is it cuz I'm __?! IS THAT WHY?! JUSS CUZ I'M _

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

In response to “Formatting issue there bud. I gotchu though...

crap aids balls darn it

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

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Build a bear is a fun way for kids to make their own toys. Now let's have them make toys for other kids instead. And let's base it in China exude there are more kids there. Then we can sell the toys. Oh wait, that's child labour.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

In response to “Build a bear is a fun way for kids to make...


because 'MURICA!! **** YEAH!!

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Favvkes Favvkes

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Turn your back on it first, and when it begs you back shoot it in the knee and laugh as it bleeds to death.

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Oh, you bought this song yesterday. I bought it 3 years ago, long before it was cool. MELT IN MY HIPSTERNESS!!!!!!!11!!@2

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I can definitely see this happening...

Mom: "Oh my gosh, honey, she's beautiful."
Dad: "I know. She looks like just Grandma Shelly."
Mom: "You're right. I think that's what we'll call her. Shelly."
Doctor: "**, shut the ** up. It looks like a goddamn potato."

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iceeselenawiz iceeselenawiz

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I swear, the first time I read this, it said, "even if it shattered your religious beliefs, it would be awesome to be reincarnated as Batman." (wary)

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