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There was never a time when we trusted God with everything... But if you're talking about the old days when almost everyone was a devout Christian, let me remind you of the Genocide of the native Americans and slavery.

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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I'd rather them turn into my best friend the longer we're together.

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GiggityGoo22 GiggityGoo22

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Typical ignorant american, africa is a great place to live. Sure, there's poverty, just like everywhere else on the fucken planet. They might have even had a better life if they stayed in africa.

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In response to “Typical ignorant american, africa is a great...

They're from Canada, not America. Look who reeks of ignorance now.

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Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

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to the no way: if you hate fake and you hate fat when why the hell do you like ** and **?

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I think people have a general disposition about them. I mean, it's normally pretty easy to tell what kind of a person someone is when you meet them. I don't think they have visual rays shooting off of them, though, so I guess it depends on what you mean by "aura".

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Hairyleo Hairyleo

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Thank God someone posted this. "Friendzoning" is just misogynistic BS. The belief that treating a woman with basic kindness (hint: you should do this to everyone anyway) somehow means you "deserve" a relationship; that she "owes" you. The belief that any relationship other than a romantic/sexual is a failure, because why else would you bother being nice to a woman? It's just an overhyped sense of entitlement. Women do not owe you ****/relationships no matter how nice you are to them.

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If you're not getting it from the wife, it's your fault dude. When you two were joined in holy matrimony, there was no tiny text that said "unless the husband isn't getting anything from his partner". When you said "I Do", that meant you married her for HER not if you two are going at it every time you want. And, I think you deserve to be locked in a tiny closet if you think the only way to keep your sanity is ****. You're making us guys look bad!

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Lazynez Lazynez

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My friends and I have this long standing private joke thing where they all pretend Santa is fake. They get so into it, too. They all look so serious and I'm struggling to not laugh.

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Neighbor Neighbor

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Its not that we make fun of them because they look like Barbie, it's the fact that they are as smart as the plastic she's made out of.

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