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Omg, YES. This actually works. When it comes to my brother, I usually try to one-up him, even. "Sami, that shirt makes you look fat." "No, Jon, my fat makes me look fat."

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Butts Butts

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i don't really like the spelling. if your going for N names go for something cool like Nevaeh

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Bethanytheravenclaw Bethanytheravenclaw

In response to “i don't really like the spelling. if your...

In that case, I'm going to name my son Ssadab

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LinksLegionaire LinksLegionaire

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First of all, I'm 29.

Secondly, if you think I'd ever even consider touching that poodle-headed beef-scented show ****, I suggest thinking otherwise.

I must also add that the Bush Baby is about as sexy as a porcupine.

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Sue_Sylvester Sue_Sylvester

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in my elementary school we weren't allowed to play red rover, any form of tag, duck duck goose and any games like that. we weren't allowed any form of cards like Pokemon or anything. we were not allowed to wear sweats, tank tops, legging or skinny jeans. there was so many books we couldn't bring to school and so many songs we were not allowed to sing. they were crazy!

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Bethanytheravenclaw Bethanytheravenclaw

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No duck duck goose!? All right, ban all the dodgeball you want, but take away MY irritating bird game and IT'S ON!

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fangirl12 fangirl12

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-Mathematics, philosophy, science, medicine, and all of the important building blocks of modern society were created by men.

You are only here to provide men with your physical beauty. Which is the only worthy talent you possess besides bearing children. If you can't do that, you're worthless.

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You dirty, puffed up, pompous, sexist toerag! You don't get it, do you? You don't know SQUAT about the things women can or can't do, so I think you should just stop making a fool of yourself and go away.

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NitaCallahan NitaCallahan

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