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Darling the oranges you sent
Resembled nothing but resent
Think I couldn't pull off another
Whimsical yet playful colour?

Orange is not me, I'm more mm, white
Oh wait that's a shade, correct me if I'm right?

You and me we are over
Like that orange mutated clover
That you gave me while half asleep
Because you're nothing but cheap

Oh you boy, my orange boy toy, treat me so wrongggg
I'm the best girl out there, out there (clearly noted by this here song)

So take back your pumpkin and orange candle
And I'll find my new handle 
On the colour
I decided was duller
Than meeee.

Oh and don't call me back
Xoxo, Taylor ;). 

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Girls don't stare at a guys crotch so why should guys be able to stare at a girls chest?

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In response to “Girls don't stare at a guys crotch so why...

...we don't?

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What? As I just showed, any statement can be flipped to make it say what you want. One could write something to romanticize the Holocaust, but that certainly doesn't make it the greatest event in history.

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DanielJames DanielJames

In response to “What? As I just showed, any statement can be...

They called Jesus Master because He is God. He didn't pose as a teacher or doctor, He was a teacher and doctor who taught people about God's love and healed them from sicknesses. Clearly He's a horrible criminal. Moving on, those who feared Him did so because they knew He had the power of God. As for "taking over the world with violent acts from his followers", I don't recall Jesus ever saying, "Go and kill others so that I make take control of everything". Disregard those who actually kill in the name of God, they have very much mistaken what God wants from them. I think the only thing you got right is that He was murdered, but even that Jesus knew had to happen for a very important reason.

Just because you can say, "Hitler was an excellent visionary with a strong determination" it doesn't change the truth of what he actually did. You can make Jesus sound like an awful villain, but it doesn't change that He was and still is our loving God.

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Am I supposed to take this sexually, or...

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ihearandomusic ihearandomusic

In response to “Am I supposed to take this sexually, or...

No...Do you find yourself thinking about animals sexually often or...

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So either I get to pet the lions, tigers, and other big cats at the zoo and NOT be a pussy >^..^< or i don't get to pet the big cats at the zoo but I WILL BE a pussy >^..^<

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “So either I get to pet the lions, tigers, and...

Can we limit you to one comment per POTD?

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When your phone loses signal, you go all Lion King on it, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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Yes, yes I do. When my phone loses signal, I get on a plane to Africa, travel to the deepest part of the savannah, climb up on a rock and hold it in the air in front of giraffes and elephants while Elton John plays a song in the background. It usually works quite well.

Apart from the lions tearing out my spleen part, I mean.

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Perfect post, I agree 110%, best post ever, should be POTD twice, 10/10 would read again, 420 smoke weed

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"Well I would have had five seconds left if you hadn't interrupted me."

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And endorsement is a great place to hide ****...

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In response to “And endorsement is a great place to hide ****...

Can I come over to night to look over your manuscript, and maybe give it my endorsement? (hello)

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partinobodycular partinobodycular

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First of all, Mitt Romney isn't against birth control. He's against requiring Churches to provide health insurance for contraception.

And you shouldn't make the stupid conclusion that pro-life are rallying against women's rights. It's a ** moral or religious issue for them, and they're truthfully thinking "Babies shouldn't be killed," not "Haha, let's ** women over with this new law." I am, by the way, pro-choice.

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well, duh. I encourage all types of interaction, to be honest.


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In response to “well, duh. I encourage all types of...

"I encourage all types of interaction." Said Anonymous.

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Len Len

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Step aside, fools, 'cause I'm joining this free style.
And I'm teaching you a lesson so it might just take a while.
There's no camera pointed at you but I suggest that you smile
'Cause you might as well be happy when I beat you by a mile.
What you're reading right now, this is a quality rap.
Not your piece of trash attempt that's fallen flat on it's back.
It would take too long to tell you everything you failed at.
But know that rhymes as fine as mine are what your sad verses lack. (smirk)

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In response to “Step aside, fools, 'cause I'm joining this...

my turn:

Boxtop, I'm about to bust rhymes so hard it'll make your face turn orange.....


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pb55020 pb55020

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I think it's because there are youthful people on the internet (meaning children). They don't know that "cats" isn't a safe password, and they need to be taught that "9CaTS135" is a safer, securer password. The quickest way is to put limitations on the password.

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AdonisBatheus AdonisBatheus

In response to “I think it's because there are youthful...

And God forbid someone's Club Penguin account getting hacked!

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ShannonIsAUnicorn ShannonIsAUnicorn

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Pregnancy does happen by accident. Why are you talking about? Most pregnancies are accidents actually and not planned at all. You disagree about women having the right to choose? Wow. Sometimes people arent ready for a baby. It doesn't mean they are irresponsible. It means they have other plans for their future and aren't ready to raise a child. Theyre actually being responsible by realizing that.

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Hectic_Glow Hectic_Glow

In response to “Pregnancy does happen by accident. Why are...

**=human reproduction... thats its entire purpose. if you dont want to have a baby, dont have **. its pretty simple.

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I have symphony for them, but I just don't understand it. But by no means, do they need to just "get over it".

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WhoopieGoldberg WhoopieGoldberg

In response to “I have symphony for them, but I just don't...

Most of use just show a bit of sympathy but Whoopie over there gets them a whole damn orchestra.

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First month of History class: The American Revolution; Why We are Awesome

Second month of History class: Slavery; Okay, We Made One Mistake

Third month of History class: The Holocaust; In Hindsight, We Probably Should've Done a Bit More About hitler

Fourth month of History class: Indian Relocation; Perhaps we got Overexcited

Fifth month of History class: Civil Rights; C'mon, We Didn't Know They Were People!

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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