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Currently learning Latin. About 10 weeks in. Maybe it's because I'm still new or because I'm learning classical Latin instead of cruder Latin, but it seems impossible for anyone to be fluent in it while still speaking with some complexity.

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Kind of. As I see it, things that involve physical strength shouldn't be equal; like, a girl slapping a guy and then the guy punching her back 5x harder because he can is not okay. And pregnancy; a pregnant woman should definitely be treated in a gentler way than other people. This is pretty obvious to say, though. But pretty much everything else, this post could apply to.

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In response to “Kind of. As I see it, things that involve...

Yeah, I get that. But I shouldn't have to open the door for you and pay for dinner and then you demand equal rights.

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I agree that their definition of a hero isn't exactly the best definition, but doesn't give the right for people to become close-minded or judge people on your own morals. Seeing culture in their own terms rather than your own helps more acceptance into the world and can prevent war and violence.

Of course, that's not the case here, since lives are lost. My point is that some heroes are others' villains. That's my point. That's my only point. It's the point I've been trying to defend in the first place. It's the point that the OP made that you disagreed with. And I'm only defending the OP's point.

Now, I'll be doing my pre-calc homework. Don't bother me, because I don't want my parents to yell at me for procrastinating on amirite again.

Gee, I hope the OP doesn't get annoyed with all these comments...

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Sun Sun

In response to “I agree that their definition of a hero isn't...

Lol I never watched Naruto so I didn't get the first half of the conversation, but no, the comments don't bother me.

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