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Why won't these "friendzoned" guys tell these girls how they really feel? What's the point of being friends if you're never gonna be happy being just friends?

Honestly, what I feel is that the friendzone doesn't exist. There's three possibilities:

1) The girl probably KNOWS that you like her, and she wants to keep you on the hook. She'll describe the perfect guy and make you feel like you're the one she wants, so you'll never give up hope.
Solution: Tell her how you feel, she'll either have to say yes or no. Yes is a party for you and no means you're free, you can let go and move on.

2) The girl has NO idea you feel that way, she likes you and so she is describing YOU so she'll know if you like her back. She's probably waiting for you to make the first move.
Solution: Tell her how you feel.

3) The girl has NO idea you feel that way, but she doesn't see in you what she's describing. Eg: Almost every guy thinks he is being nice but maybe you're not nice enough, almost every guy thinks he has a good sense of humour but maybe you don't.
Solution: Tell her how you feel and maybe you'll get your answers.

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In response to “Why won't these "friendzoned" guys...

What about the 4th option: she knows, is trying to let you down gently because for whatever reason (seriously, she doesn't need to justify this), she doesn't want to date you, but still values you as a friend?

Is it really so impossible to imagine that a woman KNOWS you like her, but doesn't like you back?

If you'll never be happy with friendship, stop hanging out with her. It's just deceiving her. She may think she has a really good friend who values their friendship, when in reality, you're just doing it for a shot at dating her? Imagine how that feels for the woman.

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I always felt so bad for those kids... having to go sit in the library while we had class parties =( I always thought their parents must be real ****. They don't even get to celebrate their own birthdays!

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In response to “I always felt so bad for those kids... having...

I actually am a Jehovah's Witness and the reason we don't celebrate Halloween is because it originated with people believing that ghosts would come and haunt them if they didn't offer food.
I never felt bad that I didn't get the parties or anything.(every once in a while if they brought in my favorite food or something) We have tons of congregation parties all the time, just for fun. It's not like we were deprived. It's not because our parents are trying to be mean.
We also aren't the only ones who don't celebrate Halloween. My baptist cousins don't celebrate it either.
There were a couple other Witness kids in the class when I was little so whenever there were parties we'd all go up to the nurses office and we'd get to hang out there and watch movies and eat snacks. Our parents gave us gifts at other times just because they wanted to.
Besides why would I compromise what I believe in for a bit of cake?

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Its not about Christian values. It's about human morals. It's no ones right to kill.

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Abortion causes no pain to the aborted baby. Realistically, it isn't actually killing, it is the prevention of birth. Besides, this world is overpopulated as it is.

Also, the majority of people that consider abortion would provide a poor home for their children, and they simply recognize that fact. Married adults with a steady income will rarely visit abortion clinics.

Anyways, my thought is that if you aren't ready for a child you choose use birth control pills or condoms to lessen the likeliness of pregnancy. But if those don't work, it is your decision whether you should bring a child into this world.

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That might work in theory, but human rights activists will completely shit on you.

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MaryKateBurnett MaryKateBurnett

In response to “That might work in theory, but human rights...

Put them in the cages too.

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Like I said not all of it is the person's fault. Just if they're poor because they're lazy, then we shouldn't give them money. That's all I was saying.

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christiney_da_genie christiney_da_genie

In response to “Like I said not all of it is the person's...

How would you know if they were lazy? Are you going to ask them if they are lazy and step over them if they say they are? That's pretty cold isn't it? You don't really know what goes on in people's lives. I personally think poor people need guidance in the right direction. It would be wrong to play "Santa Claus" and choose who deserves more. To be honest, you never know what will happen in your life so you should be kind to everyone.

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Blah Blah

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i dont get it....?

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In response to “i dont get it....?

He went to a restaurant the other day and he noticed that his waitress had a black eye. So he made sure he spoke loud and clear when ordering his food because she obviously had trouble listening

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StealthApple StealthApple

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When I was in third grade I saw a mouse so I ran to my parents and said "Theres a mouse in the house!" and they all laughed and brushed me off.

They regretted doing so a couple days later.

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ispeakparseltongue ispeakparseltongue

In response to “When I was in third grade I saw a mouse so I...

Because you murdered them?

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See that beautiful woman over there? She marries old men and then kills them for the insurance money. See that kind man helping a small child? He's a child molester. See that adorable little boy? He punched his mother in the stomach yesterday causing her to miscarry. See that lovely and polite gentleman? He runs a white power organisation in his spare time.


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Go get him, batman!

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In response to “Go get him, batman!

@90581(Robin) Robin! Where have you been? Never mind that, you need to get away from here and fast, I don't want this guy, or girl, to get his/her grubby little paws on you!

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Batman Batman

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You're so right. There should be a time of the year where we all sit in class and learn about what white people have contributed throughout American History. Oh, wait...
Yeah Black History Month would be racist. If there wasn't HIspanic History/Heritage Month (October) or Asian History/Heritgage Month (May) (Yes, they exist. Look them up) And if American society hadn't spent decades making sure the accomplishments and contributions of black americans and other minorities weren't well known and that the contributions of whites were, I'd be behind you and your statement.

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ilostmyshoe ilostmyshoe

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Abortion is not necessarily about what is morally right, it is more about how any woman should be able to do what she wants with the right to privacy. Just because it doesn't always make it right to abort a fetus doesn't mean women should be denied that right, they will just do it anyway in dangerous ways. We live in a country that allows people freedom for a reason. It all comes down to whether or not the parents truly want/are able to have the child. My mom worked in social services for years and saw horrible things happen to many children who were orphaned (not saying that this happens to all children). Abortion isn't black and white.

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It's not your free will, chances are your parents are forcing you to.

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In response to “It's not your free will, chances are your...

no, it was completely my choice. i decided to wear it and i stand by my decision

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Now wonder I was so confused at first. I read it as "Physics." xD

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JghRocks JghRocks

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