Can You Solve The Genesis Riddle? (Part One)

I'm a senior in high school and will be graduating spring 2016, and I plan on majoring in Journalism.

That was the first time I was ever asked questions like that. Thanks for the challenge. I'm still growing and learning. I've never read the Bible, but I just listen to a man that I consider a religious scholar. He's a Muslim but knows both Bible and Qur'an and teaches God and religion in a scientific way.

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BlindMist BlindMist

In response to “I'm a senior in high school and will be...

It sounds like you've been blessed with several excellent mentors. That's NOT a compliment I normally give to Muslims. . .but in this case it seems due. (And yes, I'll discuss the reasons why if you ask.)

As for being a journalist, that won't put a lot of bread on the table, but it's an excellent way to hone one's critical thinking skills. My dad was a journalist before he 'got the calling' and became a priest. :-)

As for the Bible, I would recommend highly that you read it as much for its value as literature than for any other purpose. I've read it two or three times and I never cease to find little surprises throughout.

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Savoir faire which I lack and greatly admire in others

c'est la vie attitude, which I have and appreciate in others

je ne sais quoi which I recognize and am very sure I don't possess
(Blind Mist, Logan, Wunderscore, and John Jillky, among many others have this - it's not about agreeing with them or seeing eye-to-eye, there's just something very appealing about their persona, they never rub me the wrong way - and I wish I had that because I am always **** people off)

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VicZinc VicZinc

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So.. Will anybody follow through? Or just the concept is enough to appease? Should they? Do people have any idea what revolution looks like? It is very dark and very dry. No power. No water. Do you have a contingency plan?

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In response to “So.. Will anybody follow through? Or just the...

F.. It. I'm in. Let's start a revolution. :)

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Colors on canvas unwind
Create melodies of images
Tricks of the mind
A story awaits to unfold
Subconscious ghosts
Thoughts untold
Your soul is the the brush
creation abound
Music of the heart
Though soundless
Once finished and true
Come out of your trance
Watch the images dance
Before you
In your painting.

Ok- and one for you. "Willow"

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In response to “Colors on canvas unwind Create melodies of...

Run to me my Natalie
you are my darling willow tree
with bark as fair as ivory skin
your golden hair a soft catkin
some day you’ll meet a lad whose charms
will pull you from from my loving arms
I'll cry with joy as you and he
branch anew our family tree

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VicZinc VicZinc

Your arrival into this world was a joyous day for your family. They want to repeat that happiness on the anniversary each year. Its about you. Happy Birthday (biggrin)

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Daver Daver

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I would argue that two people watching the same movie cannot possibly see the same picture or hear the same message. They must see and hear different messages, this being the nature of individuality and the complexity of worldview through a frame of reference.

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VicZinc VicZinc

The "smartest" person I know is guy who looked homeless, I shared a sandwich with in Central Park back in the 80's. He was sitting on a bench eating a soggy bologna on white wrapped in waxed paper. I asked if I could have a bite. He held it over, and I took a bite. We sat there in silence chewing for what seemed a long time. He offered me the last bite which I took. I was attending a convention at the Javits center and I was dressed in a suit and tie. We sat for quite a while in silence. Eventually I said, "thanks for sharing, I am going to McDonalds, do you want anything?" He just shook his head with a smile, then he said "you know, there are two kinds of people in this world, those that divide people into groups and those that don't." He laughed so hard he went into a choking fit. I laughed too at the irony of the statement. After he stopped coughing I said "thanks again for sharing your sandwich and your wisdom, I have some cash can I give you a few bucks?" He just shook his head and smiled. A light of pure contentment shown in his eyes (or was it just the tears from his choking laugh?) We shook hands and I went back to the convention center, packed my bags, went home, quit my job, and started my life over, this time seeking not to accumulate wealth, but goodwill.

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VicZinc VicZinc

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Yes, finally a post where I can rant about the current state of affairs.

Alright, first things first, the police are basically getting a free pass to murder. They're agents of the government, so of course they get prioritized. Just like celebrities, some of the things being done by the police would cause ordinary citizens to get arrested or even incarcerated, but since they're police, they get away with it. Places like Ferguson are being completely quarantined because the police do not want their illegal and oppressive regime to be exposed to the general public via newscasters. They tend to forget about the internet though. Regardless, journalists cannot get in or out, and any that do get in have their gear destroyed or are arrested for it.

We're not land of the free, we haven't been for some time. More or less, we're becoming forced by the government to pretend everything's alright. Sounds pretty similar to a certain country over nearby Japan. The government gets away with breaking the law, any protests are seen as acts of terrorism. Hmm.

We can't even fight back against the police, because they have the power to arrest us and even KILL without consequences, and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it.

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LeyTheFlea LeyTheFlea

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On one hand, there are certain things I dislike about myself. I worry too much, I over-analyse things, I'm a bit of a control freak and power goes to my head. But these faults are a huge part of who I am, without them I wouldn't be me. So no, I wouldn't change them.

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muddyringlets muddyringlets

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I don't think America was ever "the greatest nation in the world" - what kind of **** is that?

It is a good country and has had ups and downs.

There are many aspects by which a country can be measured:
Civil Liberty
Social Equality
Land Mass
Research and Development
Military Strength

We are certainly tops in some of those and not in others.
We have never been tops in every single category all at the same time.

We rate pretty high on the first four and probably on all but education, population and infrastructure right now.

For example, as far as the economy goes most people don't realize that 53% of the total US stock market valuation was created from 1897 to 2009, the remaining 47% was created under the Obama administration;

or that June marks 52 straight months of private sector job growth, the longest period of straight growth in American history.
In the first half of this year alone the economy has added 1.4 million private sector jobs, an accomplishment not seen since Clinton was president.

The fact that this President has had to fight tooth and nail against a conservative congress willing to destroy the economy simply as a means of besmirching the president image makes this achievement nearly miraculous.

Despite what the right-wingers say this happened because this president was unwilling to be blocked by those who only wanted to make him look bad. It happened because he did not see fixing the American economy as a political weapon but as a patriotic duty.
It happened because he made the most critical investments in American economy and American healthcare early by "cheating" the system and forcing through legislation that the Republicans almost choked on.
It happened because of a president is willing to pay a high price in his reputation and political standing in order to accomplish what is best for the working AMericans and not for the bankers and the super rich.

So yes the polls say he is the "worst president" in history. Well I will take these kinds of results from the "worst" president anytime.
More people are employed today than there were at the end of the Bush administration, working peoples retirement plans are worth more now than they ever were under any previous president and achieving new highs every week.
You won't hear about this in your venerable press, of course.
They have other important stories to cover,
like Lindsey Lohan suing Grand Theft Auto,
which Fox News and CNN spent several hours covering this morning.

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VicZinc VicZinc

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bear meat has a lot health risks because of the disease

that's just eating bears

imagine the risk that comes with drinking bears

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fuzala fuzala

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It's not fair. Why do they get their own month? Why not Asians and Europeans? Why not Native Americans?

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In response to “It's not fair. Why do they get their own...

South-Pacific Asians do, Native Americans do, and I don't see why Europeans would need a month they made the calenders. The month is to commemorate the accomplishments made while under severe oppression. Black people were enslaved, murdered, beaten, and dehumanized for a large portion of history and nearly all of American history after the Europeans raided and destroyed nearly every Native American territory (bet Columbus Day and Thanksgiving sound like great holidays now huh). The fact that some black people dared to defy people that could take their life with relative ease in the name of social justice deserves recognition especially. Rosa Parks could have been killed with no punishment for the killers, much like what happened to the Scottsboro boys, Emmett Till, Dangerfield Newby, and countless others. Things like this still happen today from MLK Jr to Rodney King to arguably Trayvon Martin and most definitely Reshina McBride. The history of African-Americans is a powerful, gruesome, harsh and barely triumphant one considering we can't get past racism even today. It deserves at least month of recognition in America.

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

You misunderstand. This site Amirite is that public place. You are on it now. I did ask your personal opinion because I truly want to know. I don't want the opinions of those on linked websites. I want your personal opinion. I may be wrong, but I feel that it is kind of being avoided..

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In response to “You misunderstand. This site Amirite is that...

alright then

I publicly admit that it sucks
and I publicly show disapproval

I think that's direct enough
and not avoiding things (hehe)

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fuzala fuzala

"AWWWW is someone butthurt?":  At that point, even if you weren't butthurt before, that question just makes you at least a little butthurt (especially when the person uses a baby voice). <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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For some unknown reason, my siblings think every time they prove me wrong I feel sad or something, when really I don't feel anything until they're like, "You feel crazy now, don't you?"

I just want to say, "I understand that I'm wrong, I can't be right all of the time, but it doesn't mean you have to point it out every time I'm wrong. I'm human, we get things wrong sometimes."

When I tell them I don't know everything they just say, "But you come off in a way that makes you seem you do," or something like that...

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BlindMist BlindMist

In response to “For some unknown reason, my siblings think...


I know how they are

can't live with them
can't live without 'em

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fuzala fuzala

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The name for the website Amirite comes from the expression 'Am I right?'. That's why users put it at the end of opinions.

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Crumpet_nose Crumpet_nose

This audio report will show and prove to any thinking person how the Main Stream Media plays favorites and is biased.   <strong>Amirite?</strong>

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Again, and I do not see why YOU don't get this.

There WAS an arrest. THAT is the difference. If the police had questioned these "black" guys and then set them free with a pat on the back there would be outrage. In the Martin case, that is what happened to Zimmerman. Zimmerman was set free - that only resulted in outrage!

THAT is a HUGE difference and that is what is different about every case you bring up here. THAT is the racism, letting the perpetrator go is the problem.

Being arrested for commenting a crime is not worth the efforts of Al Sharpton or Eric Holder - - - NOT arresting the perpetrator IS worth getting the media in an uproar.

Again, the uproar should occur not based on the act of the crime but on the response of the government to that crime.
If the government lets someone get away with murder there is and should-be a response by the people.
If the government arrests and tries the killers, then, no reaction is to "race" is required by anybody. Zimmerm,an was not arrested, THAT was the issue, not his race or Trayvon's race. THE ISSUE WAS THE LACK OF ARREST. There is an arrest here, therefore, there is no issue here.

Why don't you get that?

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VicZinc VicZinc

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