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i just read over this post multiple times thinking that bolt meant like a lightning bolt. like you were gonna bring a giant sign in the shape of a lightning bolt or something. i should just stop trying to understand jokes

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In response to “i just read over this post multiple times...

My same thoughts, except I was thinking along the lines of them going all zeus on everyone.

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TheSuperLur TheSuperLur

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Drake: Look, I'm sorry I forgot your birthday. Josh: 'SORRY' DON'T SWEETEN MY TEA!!!!

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Purple_Rose Purple_Rose

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Drake: hmm... it says they're only avaliable in... South Ahmahreeka

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Ebony_Way Ebony_Way

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In response to “

Perhaps nobody even uses most of nature’s organic, unique life treasures. Realistically, anyone might invent creations replicating organic splendors. Could other, presumably inorganic creations, substitute impressive life incredulities? Creations offering very ostentatious lure could amazingly now only complicate our natural interests. Our standpoint is subjective.

That took me forever, it better get me a shit ton of loves.

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LittleRed LittleRed

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I did that in my math class. I got full credit, but ms spulnik was awesome..

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th3don th3don

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I highly doubt the accuracy of your story, but you might want to try telling it to MLIA.

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Rocky Rocky

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There is. :) and you're right. It is absolutely stunning.
everything made is an incredible feat of engineering and creativity that cannot be reproduced by evolution or millions of years of change or the environment. Think about all of the intricate systems and details in your body... God is truly amazing. :)

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danieljc2008 danieljc2008

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One of the things that really annoyed me was, I know people have complained about the Epilogue before, but it basically said nothing - it told you who ended up with whom (which you already knew - Harry with Ginny and Hermione with Ron) and their kids names, but it didn't tell you how they cleaned up after the war. What happened to wizard society after something so huge? What about all the dead people - I assume they were given proper funerals, but how did it effect everyone? Did Harry, Ron and Hermione go back and finish Year 7? I just felt the crappy Epilogue told me nothing.

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In response to “One of the things that really annoyed me was...

To use your own theory in response, Simon, I shall reply thusly.

"How did the world get cleaned up after the war?"


"Why don't we know more about the after effects of the war on individual character's lives?"


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MrRite MrRite

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he basically took the names of everyone who died, mixed them up, and named his children after them

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"Hey, Dad?"
"What is it, James Lily Cedric Sirius Emmeline Amelia Albus Hedwig Alastor Rufus Dobby Colin Fred Nymphadora Remus Severus Potter?"

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MrRite MrRite

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It was a little tough, but I held it in in the beginning, when we saw Andy growing up. Tears were brimming at my lids during the incinerator scene, but I kept it together. But then Andy was giving his toys to Bonnie, and he was introducing all the toys to her, and I was like, "Not gonna cry, not gonna cry, it's just a movie, no big deal, this isn't sad, don't you dare cry..." "But the thing that makes Woody special, is that he'll never give up on you. Ever." "*bawls eyes out*" T_T

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FlooPowderPower FlooPowderPower

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I hate all the overused spoof versions of the song. por ejemplo: I THROW MY HOMEWORK IN THE AIR SOMETIMES, SAYING AYOOO I'LL TAKE A ZERO -_-

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In response to “I hate all the overused spoof versions of the...

We gonna vote this up, we gonna post all night, we gonna hype shit up cuz this is amirite

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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