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I'm from North Dakota...but yeah, we got nothing important going on up here. We have 3% unemployment though.

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LamWin LamWin

In response to “I'm from North Dakota...but yeah, we got...

Wow! Only three people in North Dakota are unemployed!

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My **. The ** hair makes it look like a jungle and I hate it when something sticky in my panties gets stuck to one of the hairs. It hurts like nobody's business when you walk, or, even worse, trying to pull the two apart.

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In response to “My ****. The **** hair makes it look like a...

I imagined this being said with a nasally voice.

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You hate when you make the bus because you were able to text so quickly, but everyone makes fun of you because you're gay and scrawny and have no friends, and you begin to contemplate suicide, and someone stops you saying your life will get better, but it doesn't, and you feel like an idiot for believing that person, so you take your gun and start shooting all the popular kids at school because they symbolize everything you don't have, and that only makes you feel worse...

...But then you find five dollars!

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Shadi Shadi

In response to “You hate when you make the bus because you...

This is just.....I don't even... you should... you should see someone about this..

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It's even worse when you miss your plane because you took the time to write "to" instead of "2".

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Whacka Whacka

In response to “It's even worse when you miss your plane...

You think that's bad? I once typed "two" instead of "2" and I missed the entire 9th grade.

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In response to “Nom NOM Oreos

I like how the second nom was really aggressive. It's like "I'm gonna eat the **** out of that Oreo."

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I called someone a "** **" for stealing my chocolate milk at my lunch table.

People gasped.


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FreeMustacheRides FreeMustacheRides

In response to “I called someone a "**** ****" for...

Did anything get pastained???

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How bad is it that the first thing I thought of was Team Rocket scientists?

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shorkian shorkian

In response to “How bad is it that the first thing I thought...

"Oh come on, it's not like catching pikachu" - Team rocket.

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Handsy Handsy

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If I'm José, amiwhite?

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shAvayourface shAvayourface

In response to “If I'm José, amiwhite?

No, you're mexican. You were raised in Tijuana until you were 6 months old. Then, your parents traveled to the Rio Grande where they set you in a basket made of twigs and tequila bottles, where you traveled to North America, and a homeless man with a golden voice named you Tina, and taught you the basics of singing, but you didn't have the melody or golden voice he wanted so he sent you to New York. Then, a man named Jack Donaghy raised to work at his NBC studio on Rockerfeller street. So to answer your question, no, you're not white.

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I feel the exact opposite. If they don't affect your life in any way, then you should let them get married. Love is blind.

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<3 JBieber

In response to “I feel the exact opposite. If they don't...

(<3 JBieber): I think your sarcasm detector is broken.

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Disco Disco

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