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"This is a picture of me when I was younger"

"Every picture of you is a picture of you when you were younger"
-Mitch Hedburg (RIP)

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WinniethePooh WinniethePooh

In response to “"This is a picture of me when I was...

Not if you have a time macne.

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ShannonIsAUnicorn ShannonIsAUnicorn

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I don't get it :(

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cherryblaster cherryblaster

In response to “I don't get it :(

Boys get colds more often than girls. Guys are generally less hygienic than girls, dirt is a breeding ground for cold and flu viruses.

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Preserve innocence

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There aren't very many original ways to tell someone that they're being unoriginal...

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Admiral_Beena Admiral_Beena

In response to “There aren't very many original ways to tell...

"I wish I had the mental capacity to transcend shame and repost shit."
"You could become a writer with such fresh ideas such as this!"
"Your blatant plagiarism has brought you and your family shame."
"Citation feature?! HA! Never heard of that either!"
"I am disgusted that you receive credit and a sense of happiness for stealing the wit of another person without giving credit, you are completely unoriginal and lack the necessary means to be funny."

Just a few off the top of my head.

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Len Len

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So you're working your way down the hip and suddenly you're like, wow! this isn't hip anymore, this is thigh, so you start back up and before you know it...

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VicZinc VicZinc

In response to “So you're working your way down the hip and...

And before you know it, you're feeling yourself up.

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xxdetroitxx xxdetroitxx

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On a side note though don't you have anything better to do than search the internet for a post?

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kingj kingj

In response to “On a side note though don't you have anything...

No. I don't.
Nor does that make what you've done any more acceptable.

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Len Len

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Darling the oranges you sent
Resembled nothing but resent
Think I couldn't pull off another
Whimsical yet playful colour?

Orange is not me, I'm more mm, white
Oh wait that's a shade, correct me if I'm right?

You and me we are over
Like that orange mutated clover
That you gave me while half asleep
Because you're nothing but cheap

Oh you boy, my orange boy toy, treat me so wrongggg
I'm the best girl out there, out there (clearly noted by this here song)

So take back your pumpkin and orange candle
And I'll find my new handle 
On the colour
I decided was duller
Than meeee.

Oh and don't call me back
Xoxo, Taylor ;). 

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At first I laughed at your
over-generalizing naive stupidity. Then I noticed you were american and realized that this kind of thought is probably considered typical or even clever for you jackasses. So if my house gets broken into and I use violence to protect myself and the idea that I have a right to my safety then that idea is worthless? The government protects every single religious culture and it's right to be practiced, so I guess there isn't a single operating belief system that isn't already dead? You know what this feeling I have right now is? It's called second hand humiliation. I am humiliated simply because what you are expressing... Is that. ****. Stupid.

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John_MacTavish John_MacTavish

In response to “At first I laughed at your over-generalizing...

"At first I laughed at your
over-generalizing naive stupidity. Then I noticed you were american..."

So much stupid it hurts.

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Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

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And endorsement is a great place to hide ****...

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In response to “And endorsement is a great place to hide ****...

Can I come over to night to look over your manuscript, and maybe give it my endorsement? (hello)

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partinobodycular partinobodycular

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