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I don't assume that quiet people are deep and intellectual. I assume that they're too afraid to socialize.

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Montana Montana

In response to “I don't assume that quiet people are deep and...

I hate that. I offten keep quiet, not because I'm afraid to speak up, or talk to people, but because I have nothing to say at the time. People that meet me for the first time always assume I'm shy, but that's not the case. When, and if I have something to say, I'll say it.
That's just me though...

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SkylarOctavious SkylarOctavious

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I always feel like these posts are trying to help OP's insecurities of losing it too early or something. Probably not, but there's a lot of posts like this and usually the poster is usually extremely defensive.

In my opinion, 14/15/16 is too young for ****. Most people these ages that I know are incredibly immature. These are the girls/guys that are still posting endlessly on facebook about how they love someone they've been going out with for two days. Not every teenager is like that, but a lot of them are. Hell, some adults are like that. And I don't honestly think they're in a position to judge themselves to know if they're ready yet.
However, I don't judge anyone who has lost it a younger age. Provided they don't wear it like a badge. When you're going around bragging about how many guys you've slept with; you are going to be labeled an insecure **** who sleeps with people to validate yourself.

I'm going on 17 and have no clue when I'm going to lose it, but I imagine not anytime soon. Then again, I don't date either so maybe I'm biased because I can't relate much to struggling to keeping my thighs closed. I don't know.

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Tape Tape

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Mostly I agree with what you said. I really don't think people should be vilified for having/enjoying **. But come on man, at 14/15 you're still a kid. Whether you like it or not you're just a kid. I know it's irritating to hear but it's true. I worked as an RA at a summer camp for teens last summer, and this little girl (14yrs. old) was nonchalantly talking about all the guys she banged and how she didn't want a boyfriend because she just wanted and it kind of made me want to cry. It's not like I was thinking "oh you " it was more like "oh, you poor kid." I hate how so many kids think having makes you "cool" and I just think you guys should make the most of childhood because growing up sucks . And though I would applaud someone at that age for being safe about **, I feel like that's wishful thinking. Our teenage years aren't exactly characterized by having sound judgment and responsible natures. It it really so bad to just wait a couple of years, at least until you're 16 and can legally hold a job? Doctors/babies/abortions all cost money. Sorry if this sounds judgmental, but it's how I feel. :/

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Cuban_B Cuban_B

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And just think, in the 80s, in pre-amirite era people said stuff like just think, one day soon, everyone's annoying younger siblings will be like "I'm a '80s kid, nostalgia! Do you remember (insert disco show here)?? Best. Show. EVER! Stupid '90s kids.", amirite?

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Emperorerror Emperorerror

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I don't think it's so much that intelligent people 'see the evil in the world' and simply can't get beyond that. I think it's more that they see the evil in themselves, and that they strive so hard to understand their world and their lives and themselves that they struggle to feel contentment with what they already know. They are intelligent, and so of course they are going to seek meaning and discovery in life. These pursuits, however, are so blatenty daunting - and likely impossible - that the intelligent person is unhappy.

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You want to discover who you are? Here's a tip: read a book. Find a hobby. Get a job. Do some volunteer work. Join a debate club. As I mature I find that life's less about the sappy Disney story of finding yourself. It's about building yourself. It's about deciding how you wish to present yourself as a decent and mature person. And if you think, even for a second, that your outward appearance holds more for your potential than actually developing character, then I absolutely don't think you're ready to make these decisions. It can take years, lifetimes to build a reputation; make sure it's one you'll be proud of.

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colette colette

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In response to “

That's why I constructed this manual, for people like you!

How to Get Liked on Amirite

1. Write "first" on any post that doesn't have any comments yet. People will admire your quick speed.
2. When commenting, ignore the Reply button. It's only there for decoration.
3. There's a user named Anthony on here that nobody likes. Send him insulting messages.
4. If there aren't many comments on POTD, say so. How else are people going to know?
5. If you don't like the current POTD, say so. People care, right?
6. If somebody votes down your post, report them.
7. If somebody votes down your comment, report them.
8. If somebody "steals your wall virginity", they're probably an online pedophile. Report them.
9. If one of your posts gets deleted, the mod probably just didn't get it. Keep re-posting it until they understand.
10. Lastly, and most important, never relate a comment to the post. People will think you're a freak.

Just follow the above rules and you should be fine! (y)

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How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm on mobile so it's not like I can just scroll over it)

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FlyingMintBunny FlyingMintBunny

In response to “How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm...

( hello ) = (hello)
( un ) = (un)
( angry ) = (angry)
( lolwut) = (lolwut)
( ono ) = (ono)
( goo ) = (goo)
( yum ) = (yum)
( frown ) = (frown)
( d ) = (d)
( smirk ) = (smirk)
( wary ) = (wary)
( no ) = (no)
( hmm ) = (hmm)
( hehe ) = (hehe)
( cool ) = (cool)
( l ) = (l)
( Y ) = (y)
( n ) = (n)
( love ) = (love)
( cry2 ) = (cry2)

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Axolotl Axolotl

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Take a dump. Tell someone to go ** themselves. Date your best friend's mom. Say swear words. Spend all your cash on drugs. Have ** with someone random. Be sexy. Say screw you. Swear out loud. Laugh at stupid people. Make little kids cry. Don't apologize to the parents. Tell someone how to be mean. Tell a 13-year-old girl what you think of her stupid post. Stab someone until their stomach hurts. This is the way to live life, amirite?

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In response to “Nom NOM Oreos

I like how the second nom was really aggressive. It's like "I'm gonna eat the **** out of that Oreo."

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How was this found out? Did someone just randomly think, "Hmm, I'm bored. I know what! I'm going to browse through articles on Wikipedia by means of clicking on the first link on the page, building up a link history as I go, and discover any ridiculously meaningless patterns along the way! Gosh, I'm a genius, I deserve a turnip or something."

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Whacka Whacka

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If you drop your books, a good friend will kindly pick them up for you, but a BEST friend will pee on them, push you down some stairs set your dog on fire and rape your mom. BECAUSE THAT'S JUST WHAT BEST FRIENDS DO.

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Chapstick Chapstick

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