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Why not give a choice of back drops too?

> Poster collection
> Blank wall
> Mountain scenery
> Bathroom with unflushed toilet

There's something for everyone.

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In response to “Why not give a choice of back drops...

> Random people so you look like you have friends.

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pb55020 pb55020

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I love how it's in sports(y)

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Well, of course. The great sport of ** laminating originated when saran wrap first came out. Then, people would keep clay tabloid records of who wrapped the most in saran wrap each night. After a week, the results would be tallied up and the top three wrappers (as they were called then) would have a final battle, of which the winner would receive the plastic ** trophy. The invention of lamination sparked a great revolution in the sport, and it was admitted into the Olympics four years later.

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Axolotl Axolotl

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I have no idea how, but when I first read this I though it said america... but only for a split second

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My mirror is sexy.

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In response to “My mirror is sexy.

Ugh mine is so annoying. It always has to do whatever I do. And do you know how embarrassing it is to have matching outfits?! We somehow ALWAYS manage to wear the same thing.

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FlipFlopsAndSocks FlipFlopsAndSocks

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Since everyone's posting where it wont work I'm gonna be different.

Where did that cocaine come from?
I know a guy.

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