No. The way I see it science makes the world around us seem more wonderful than we could have ever imagined. It's intellectually fulfilling. The thought of everything having a scientific explanation behind it is glorious!

I don't view it as cold. Plus the universe is in a field of so many possibilities as to what would happen next, like what were the odds of you being born?And the concious have access to an infinity of choices, which keeps the magic in our lives.

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Just listen to yourself.
It's ridiculous.

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xxdetroitxx xxdetroitxx

In response to “Just listen to yourself. It's ridiculous.

Oh my, I'm sorry, are you deaf? Can you not detect the sound logic?

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Len Len

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this is sorta off topic
but I had a dream I was saving these pigs from a carnivore

and there's another scene where a midget man in burglar clothes breaks my lamp and I chase after him
and he smelt like cheese (wary)

so I'm thinkin' I was the protagonist
and I'm hoping I'm the protagonist in real life too (eyes)
so maybe I am who I dreamed to be

now that I think about it
this tidbit does relate to your post (hehe)

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fuzala fuzala

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I noticed you're new to Amirite.
Welcome! I'm happy to have you here and look forward to disturbing you and potentially making you laugh as well as hopefully hearing your thoughts on a range of topics.

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Len Len

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Especially the rule of alternate interior angles, those naughty line transversals.

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VicZinc VicZinc

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My friends and I have this long standing private joke thing where they all pretend Santa is fake. They get so into it, too. They all look so serious and I'm struggling to not laugh.

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Neighbor Neighbor

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I sit right across from my crush.
Who has a girlfriend.

Sometimes I just wanna dramatically get out of my seat, grab him by his shirt collar, then kiss him really hard, but then I remember I'm a nervous wreck that doesn't even have enough bravery to throw a paper ball in class.

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Kurrainette Kurrainette

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You guys OBVIOUSLY do NOT understand the law of attraction. EVERYONE wants what they can't have... if you're in the friend zone (guys or girls) tell that fucker to ** off. Make them chase you and if they don't then they aren't worth it. You don't have to be the one who they ** about their exes with, you're there for them all the time and what have they done for you? It's the same old song and dance, what reason do they have for dating you? You're there with them no matter what. They know you won't leave them, so they abuse the shit out of you. Friendship is a two way street, if you ain't getting the love in return then there's no reason to stay "friends" with them. But that's just my humble opinion

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KickAss KickAss

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I have had seventeen exams in one exam period before. Suck it the **** up.

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In response to “I have had seventeen exams in one exam period...

17? JUST 17?

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Len Len

This is the most beautiful metaphor for life I've ever seen! It seems like it's not a metaphor but it's actually not, just like life is often not as it seems.

See, the lack of voting options means we don't have a choice, we must accept the accidents that befall us and work past our pain.

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Len Len

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