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In response to “Truuninja

Hold up a second!

Why didn't anyone tell me about this comment?

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Truuninja Truuninja

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I don't understand what's so bad about getting hit on by someone of your gender. It's never happened to me personally, but I'd just take it as a compliment and tell the guy I don't bat for that team.

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In response to “I don't understand what's so bad about...

Do you catch for that team? (hello)

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HillariousBastard HillariousBastard

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Oh god, right in the feels.
It's sad to think that'll there will be a last of everything when you die. Like your last genuine smile, last hug, etc.

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In response to “Oh god, right in the feels. It's sad to...

feel is Arabic for elephant.


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Shadi Shadi

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Step aside, fools, 'cause I'm joining this free style.
And I'm teaching you a lesson so it might just take a while.
There's no camera pointed at you but I suggest that you smile
'Cause you might as well be happy when I beat you by a mile.
What you're reading right now, this is a quality rap.
Not your piece of trash attempt that's fallen flat on it's back.
It would take too long to tell you everything you failed at.
But know that rhymes as fine as mine are what your sad verses lack. (smirk)

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In response to “Step aside, fools, 'cause I'm joining this...

my turn:

Boxtop, I'm about to bust rhymes so hard it'll make your face turn orange.....


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pb55020 pb55020

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really almost everyone has at least once

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rival rival

In response to “really almost everyone has at least once

I said no because I was so drunk I couldn't read the question

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Harry: We must find out who opened the Chamber of Secrets.

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(Sorcerer's Stone, Quidditch Lesson Scene)
Madame Hooch: Mr. Longbottom has broken his wrist. Someone please escort him to the hospital wing.
Harry: Ron'll do it.

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Favvkes Favvkes

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Parent: You could never be as crazy as I was at your age!


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Shadi Shadi

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WAIT I GET IT. Cause of the Jesus Fish? Ichthys! Bass is a guitar, but bass is a fish. Got it! Nailed it! Check please!

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John_Smith John_Smith

In response to “WAIT I GET IT. Cause of the Jesus Fish?...

(hehe) "Nailed it!"

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Len Len

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This doesn't really deserve to be POTD... I'm sure the majority of people didn't even get it until they read the comments.

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In response to “This doesn't really deserve to be POTD... I'm...

And by God, how could AppAwesome rate it if he couldn't use the word "relatable?"

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