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Florb...for a boy or girl.

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griffs28 griffs28

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Dubstep shouldn't even exist in my opinion. It just sounds like copiers having hardcore ****.

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Sex_With_A_Snail Sex_With_A_Snail

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You'd find that most of the time, people joined for the following reasons (starting from the most common):

1. College money
2. To be more profitable to the civilian market (free training in any field)
3. Respect from civilians
4. To blow shit up

Nobody really feels patriotic enough to join anymore. It wouldn't be a smart idea to do so for that reason anyway.

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Big_Boss Big_Boss

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Yep, same. Big-** fluid-y blisters absolutely covering the soles on my feet. When you're walking, you're never in one place long enough to actually FEEL a burning sensation...still, stupidest thing I've ever done. Hurts like all hell. Then, once they finally dry up, you're left with these huge, thick plates of dead skin still attached at the edges that you're not allowed to peel off because there's still half-grown raw skin underneath and aaaaaaaaaaagh ** WEAR SHOES ALL THE TIME THAT'S THE LESSON HERE

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colette colette

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No, that's me.

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SpelingChampien SpelingChampien

In response to “No, that's me.

No this is Patrick.

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Well then tell me some good modern metal bands. Because I really am sick of those whiny screechy bands that some people call "metal"

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Pumbaaa Pumbaaa

In response to “Well then tell me some good modern metal...

Epica, Trivium, Nightwish, possibly Dream Theater

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Even though it's not pop, I think they need to put Breaking Benjamin on more. They don't get nearly as much recognition as thy should.

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tyreeshajones tyreeshajones

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