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I see what you're saying and though your suggestion is literally logical it is not morally acceptable. Homosexuality and bisexuality are two lifestyles that, when having **, both parties are generally aware and accepting of the position they are in. In when someone is a pedophile they are doing something to a child that could potentially scar them for life. When someone is a necrophiliac they are defiling a dead body for a simple pleasure that can very easily be obtained from a willing participant of the living variety. By comparing these lifestyles you are indirectly saying that being attracted to someone of the same ** is just as bad as touching an innocent child or violating a corpse.

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Yeah I meant **-wise. My best friend wont say the word ** above a whisper and yet she gets it on more than half the girls in the red light district. Love her, she dumb, but I love her.

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u guyz r rong god maded everyting!!1
athists r stupdi!!11!1

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Sgt_Fink Sgt_Fink

In response to “u guyz r rong god maded everyting!!1...

hey babe, if you're going to call someone stupid, at least spell it correctly. Mmk?

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