Why do Governments ignore the "homeless"?

Because the government wants them to get to such a low point that they the hobos end up mating with rabbits so we can finally have Hobbits.

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Captainspadevatore Captainspadevatore

If we are evolving beings then what do you think we will evolve into in the future?

Morbidly obese Bieber fanatics who force our children into pageants and can't throw away anything we keep stored in our house.

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Captainspadevatore Captainspadevatore

What do you like about acoustic guitars?

When people at parties decide it's best to not show off the pointless skill of acoustic guitar playing.

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Captainspadevatore Captainspadevatore

When is it right for a girl to have an abortion?

When the baby is going to be ugly. That's why they always have the boiling water prepared with home births.

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Captainspadevatore Captainspadevatore

as I said before
almost everyone speaks English on here regardless of where they're from

someone from Singapore would most likely type in English so that the rest of the users understand

it has nothing to do with primary languages

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fuzala fuzala

In response to “as I said before almost everyone speaks...

This went from a joke to a pointless debate.

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Captainspadevatore Captainspadevatore

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