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Read my other posts and you'll realise that you are a twit because I do not give a constant update on my life.

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My post is valid because I'm speaking from personal experience. And I didn't write this just about the people who "can't help it," it's also about the stupid kids that do anything that they can get their hands on for fun. Like drinking whole bottles of cough medicine until you hallucinate and throw up everywhere and, taking large amounts of their brothers Ritalin to get a kick. You know, ridiculous shit like that.

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chips = fries right?

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Serg Serg

In response to “chips = fries right?

Yeah. But I wouldn't expect anyone to like eating them that way. I'm always being told that I eat like a pregnant woman XD

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It shows flexiblity. Nasty flexibility.

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different anonymous

In response to “It shows flexiblity. Nasty flexibility.

(different anonymous): It does, but putting your foot over your head shows even more flexibility. So, why stop at your nose?

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