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OP is insecure about her breast size and therefore decided to create irrational theories about how breast size relates to intelligence, which shows something about her own intelligence. This essentially disproves her insane, self-diluted theory, amirite?

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In response to “OP is insecure about her breast size and...

Thats so smart, you must have small ****.

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SkylarOctavious SkylarOctavious

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I will no longer wonder why people whisper to apples in the grocery store now.

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Owljoyx Owljoyx

In response to “I will no longer wonder why people whisper to...

I will no longer question the behavior of my cat Madison:

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Favvkes Favvkes

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EpicFlameSword EpicFlameSword


I believe the laugh you are looking for is "mwahahah"
For future reference:
BWAHAHAHA = laughing so hard im going to explode
MWAHAHHA = evil laugh
HAHAHAHA = very funny
JAJAJAJA = Yo hablo espanol
TEEHEE = I look cute when I laugh
HEEEHEEE = funny, but not super funny
(hehe) = I speak amirite

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Favvkes Favvkes

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In response to “

Perhaps nobody even uses most of nature’s organic, unique life treasures. Realistically, anyone might invent creations replicating organic splendors. Could other, presumably inorganic creations, substitute impressive life incredulities? Creations offering very ostentatious lure could amazingly now only complicate our natural interests. Our standpoint is subjective.

That took me forever, it better get me a shit ton of loves.

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LittleRed LittleRed

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Go to the Armenian part of Google Translator and type in "stop **** telling me to do shit on Google translator", type the resulting characters into the French translator backwards, wait two weeks, and then go lick a cactus.

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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