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Um. No. Until you've actually been afflicted with depression, don't joke about it. It's not an easy illness to live with.

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In response to “Um. No. Until you've actually been afflicted...

Kay, get off your high horse. Cause I am afflicted with it. I have a diagnosed chemical inbalance in my brain that I take medication for. And I grew up with a father who took three medications all antidepressants, antischitzophranic, and antianxiety. I'm not joking about it, I just think that the habits listed seem normal to me maybe cause I do live with it. But apparantly other do agree, kaythanks.

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Cmillz Cmillz

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nah i luv james!

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Musicislife2 Musicislife2

In response to “nah i luv james!

I take your love for him as seriously as your spelling of sed word.

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Cmillz Cmillz

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I feel I must respond to this in song:

There are so many douchebags in the world.
Yes, so many douchebags get the girls
who deserve more than absolutely anything
than any charm or potion could ever bring.
But men like that, they have her on a string,
and they don't care,

For there will always be guys like Potter.
To realize tears in your eyes because he got her.
She'll never ever know how much you'd have brought her...

If you'd only done
something more for the one,
back when you were young...


So many **** in this place.
So many **** in my face!
Why can't they leave me alone--
To love princesses, maids, and queens?
They wouldn't ever be in between...


We'd them nice and never be mean.
And we would care...

But there will always be guys like Potter.
Who'll quench the flame like it's a game with drops of water
He'll never think her perfect as you/I thought her...


... But now you're alone,
left to pout and moan,
'cause you were totally pwnd

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In response to “I feel I must respond to this in song: There...

(moonshI oesPotter): ! Very Potter Musical. That song kinda makes me cry.

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Cmillz Cmillz

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Unless someone was complimenting you on your rapping/ or zombie slaying skills. Then it is quite appropriate.

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Cmillz Cmillz

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Mcchurger definition: treat made from a combination of a McDonalds Double Cheeseburger and a McChicken. To create this, all one has to do is remove the bun from the McChicken and place the meat between the two patties of the Double Cheeseburger. And you have a Mcchurger. ^.^

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Cmillz Cmillz

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Um okay everyone has at least one bad, cliche joke. Yay, for losers who dread on it. Welcome to the internet my friend.

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Cmillz Cmillz

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