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I sat here giving this post at (d) face for quite some time. Here's my entire thought process.

"Well, duh, how many is it supposed to- wait... maybe this is a trick.... one... two... I KNEW IT WAS THREE! YOU CAN'T GET M- wait maybe I counted wrong... ... ... nope there are three... wait four how did I get four? Oh the i looks like an l, there are three... Unless!"

My brain hurts dude...

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

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a lot of the music i listen to is from the 60's - 90's (90's being the best of course). kind of stupid to here people say old as in bad. a majority of amazing music is old. and you wouldn't have any of the music you like today without the old stuff. the current music that people love now will eventually become old. that doesn't make them turn bad in anyway. a good piece will get better with age. the only reason people who like popular (top 40) might think old is bad is b/c that genre does get old fast. there's no substance. it's made to be a quick hit then fade away.

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excuse me but Krum caught the snitch in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup but Bulgaria still lost to Ireland 170-160! The snitch ends the game and gives you 150 points but you don't necessarily win

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ilovesoftball ilovesoftball

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