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and for certain things
you care even more about them

responsibility tends to increase
meaning caring about things in general increase along with responsibility

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fuzala fuzala

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no it cant be more dangerous than some hard drug heavy addiction...but it can help you make an **** of yourself XD

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CombatSkill CombatSkill

In response to “no it cant be more dangerous than some hard...

that is dangerous too :D after all, respect is the most important factor.

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valentineleo valentineleo

If a class-A drug, such a cocaine or meth, became completely legal for one day, you still wouldn't take any, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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lol yeah, I've gotta be honest... I've tried one and would totally try more if it was legal. I'm not some hardcore druggie, I just wanna try them, y'know. Life's too short.

I wouldn't recommend any kids do it, though; that's a decision that should be 100% your own!

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In response to “lol yeah, I've gotta be honest... I've tried...

Which one have you tried? I definitely want to try them, too. Difference is, I kinda am a "hardcore druggie", but not in the sense that I'm an addict or show up to important events under the influence of anything. I just love the idea of drugs. It's probably a bad thing to say in such a (relatively) public setting, but one of my biggest dreams is getting a degree in organic chemistry and becoming one of the largest manufacturers of drugs in the world. I wouldn't get into the cocaine or meth trade, 'cause that's dangerous. I'd do my best to supply the world with cheap and pure LSD, shrooms, mescaline, MDMA, and all of the more obscure 2C and DOx series chemicals. If you've never heard of those last two, that's exactly why I would make them. Nobody I know has ever heard of them and they seem really interesting.

I have to agree with not recommending kids to do it.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

Is an engineer morally responsible for harm caused by their creations?

Alfred Nobel designed loads of weapons, and he spent the rest of his life wracked with guilt. If the engineer can live with the guilt, then who are we to add to it?

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muddyringlets muddyringlets

What motivated you (not) to have babies?

I'm too young and I'm not mentally, physically, or financially prepared for a child.

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Jabberjay Jabberjay

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It's impossible to have a bad day when your day starts with a wake n bake.

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AtheisticMystic AtheisticMystic

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..and yes ...and no. (according to me) depending on the type people you are surrounded by.
Its ok to forgive regardlessly and let things pass by....but after some time people start taking you for granted..or they would just begin to think is all ok..and as i say get on top of your head. aaaand then some would shit all over you as long a you tolerate it.

..go home are drunk! xD hahahahaah

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CombatSkill CombatSkill

In response to “and yes ...and no. (according to me)...

Forgiveness has nothing to do with letting people walk all over you. Forgiving someone frees you more than anyone else.

Say someone hurts you and truly feels no remorse. If they don't care or have any intention of mending the relationship or healing the damage then whether or not you forgive them means nothing at all to them.

Living a life dictated by bitterness caused by others binds you in a way that goes beyond what they've done, and at that point, forgiveness is just as much for you as it is for them.

I think this quote is about self rather than others.

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LyssaBlau LyssaBlau

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Don't change a thing. Just add more to your life. If you can love your job you can also make the effort to love your life.

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rival rival

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greed, jealousy, death, drug craving/withdrawal symptoms....unclear weapons xD the police....

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CombatSkill CombatSkill

In response to “greed, jealousy, death, drug...

I would not say that death is stronger. I've experienced love and death and have to say that they're equal in intensity. And in the end, the one thing that can help you move past death is the love of those you still have left.

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That's great for you, man. Congratulations on living a healthier life. I, however, will continue to partake on the daily because I feel that it betters my life.

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AtheisticMystic AtheisticMystic

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man, it all goes fast and i got the feeling that with every passing year the faster my time flies.

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CombatSkill CombatSkill

In response to “man, it all goes fast and i got the feeling...

That's actually a proven thing. It's because you have so much more to remember with each year that each new year is a smaller fraction of your life than the previous year was, so you remember it as a smaller, shorter part of your life.

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swimlax swimlax

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