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Thats good :)

Lol! It took me like an hour to read it. -_-

I know! I should probably be icing it now, but I'm reading the World's Longest Joke. I have been for like an hour. Oh my gosh, it's LONNG. Wanna read it?

A marble cake. Yum.

Woo! Haha, I play ukulele. Kinda. I just do it for fun, I never really took lessons 'cause all you really need to know is chords. :D Sorry it took a while to reply, I was making a cake. :D

I love being home alone. I can eat upstairs, blast my music, sing, talk to myself... :D

Exactly! You can also sing and stuff too. I talk to myself when I cook, and usually my dad is in the kitchen too. He looks at me like I'm crazy or something..

Lol. :D I do that kind of thing a lot.

:P No, not really. I was getting something to eat and I had a whole conversation with myself. I was gonna get a poptart and then I said to myself, "Nah, I don't feel like a poptart. Of course I don't feel like a poptart. I'm not a poptart, I'm a person." I really need to get more sleep or something....

I know.. Amirite has been really busy lately. It's kicked me off the server a few times because it got too busy. O.0

:P It's ok. Sorry for my late reply. I didn't get the notification for some reason..

Yay! =] Haha

They're good. You should check them out! :D

=] Have you ever heard the band A Rocket to the Moon? I love them (:

Nice =] I had a 4 gig Nano, but I filled that up. So I got this one for Christmas. :D

Yes, I am always adding songs!! I have a 32 gig Ipod Touch, what about you?

Awh, I hope you find it soon! My iPod is my best friend, but we get in a lot of fights. Haha, I have such a variety of music on my iPod. I have like 800 songs. My one friend has 3,000 songs. O_O But he lives, eats, and breaths music.

I used to listen to all the oldies. Because that was all my mom would play, so it was all I really heard. I like it though, but I barely listen to it anymore. Haha, I have so much other stuff to listen to! Your bus driver listens to "hip" music? A bit scary. O_O

I know! When Nevershoutnever! gets on the radio, that will be the worst and best day of my life. I don't want him to get so famous, but I would love to hear him on the radio, and I want him to be happy. I don't even bother to listen to the radio anymore.

<3 Me too. Considering the only other one I've heard was Fireflies. They had that on the radio non-stop for a month. I like it, but it was getting a bit tiresome.

Ohh, that's pretty cool. I think I just fell in love with Tidal Wave. Thanks for telling me about it! :D

Ooh. I live like 2 hours away from the New Jersey beach. So we go there a few times every summer. But going with a friend does make it super fun! :D

Sweet. I'm sitting in my pajamas too. Eating goldfish. Yum. The beach sounds like fun!!

Yes, I know how that is! Everyone refers to Nevershoutnever! as "they" and it's just a "he!" It gets on my nerves. Haha, I'm good, Just a rainy day here. But that means I get to sit in my room all day. =D How about you?

I'll have to check that out! I've never really listened much to Owl City. He's pretty good though, from what I have heard. :D

I just had the chance to read your picture, and I LOVE it! I think that may be one of my new favorite quotes. (:

Why, thank you<3

At the Krusty Krab of course :-)

Sure, sure.

OOH! She can room with me! I'll sleep on the couch. As long as she gets a job soon.... haha

That's not fun. My parents were pretty strict until I moved to my own pineapple. Now I'm such a rebel, as you know

That's amazing :0
She should make an account

Haha, nothin muchh.

Yay! I'm hip, yo.

Glee is coral, by the way. 8D

Pretty good thanks, yourself?

haha that's cool :)

Thanks for the favourite :)

Pretty darn good.
Watching how to lose a guy in 10 days. (:

Haa how are you?

Heeey. (:

For sureee.

How do you not like summer?!
I love no school, but then every once in awhile I'm like I cant wait for school? Haa.

hello:) thank you for saying i am intersting. you seem interesting as well. lets have an interesting conversation!

Oh man that sucks, it's been summer for me since Thursday!

Umm hi :D Why did you vote down my homepage post? :(

About the huge building...

psh. why of course i am. i like long walks on the beach...lmao.
but i really do :P
also chocolate and pickles and The Shins and flowery, krinkly skirts that sway as you walk

LOL. Well I definitely finished my book. & all those journals :D Summer in four days <3

I love: piano, The Beatles, and Glee.
don't like the Stones so much...except for (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction: i feel a thousand times more awesome when i'm jamming out to that song :P
just felt i had to add this. after all, you commented on my beard post :D

Lol well duh it's fantastic!
I don't have to journal anymore dumb stuff, lol.

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