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Did you read his book "5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth"? Its really, really funny


hahaha, well, i try xD


Also procrastinating.
Duly noted

Also procrastinating.
Duly noted

Well hi there. How are you?

V He beat me to it... But I'll do it again.
Unexpected message!

Hey! Why'd you disagree on if you're not a guy?

rdragona1994 mentioned this post in their message:
For guys: You've always wanted a pet chicken or monkey, amirite?

Me too! thats why i was so proud lol.

ahah yeah I saw that game at canadas wonderland! I went on my first rollercoaster there lol. it was only a little one, but im still proud :P

HA! i wish our school was cool enough to take us to fun places like that lol. actually they were cool enough to let us go to canadas wonderland and go shopping for 6 hours, but we didnt get to see Much :P

ahahah :P trevor boris is like my faaave guy from Video on Trial. hes awesome :P

Yeah, it was kind of sketchy at some places, but me and all of my friends were trying to find Trevor Boris :P clearly we do not have much of a life lol

yeah, my grade just went to toronto as a school trip and it was so cool while we were there, but i like the coziness of nova scotia :P

haha, naah ontario's where it's at! you've got way better shopping in ontario than in nova scotia :P

ahaha awesome! :p what province are you from?

Your walls virginity = miine ! (:

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