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Hmm about the royal wedding, I didn't even realize all the money they're earning through tourism and what not. I really don't understand what the big deal is though... they're just another couple who're getting married, right? They must be so confident that people are actually THAT interested in their private life. So explain to me the significance of this wedding. I mean sure it doesn't happen everyday, but neither does meteor shower that brings in the green lanterns ring, but no one cares about that, right? (wary)

I wouldn't vote for Colbert, but I would choose him over Trump any day of the week. I mean he's intelligent and seems to have a good heart where as Trump just seems to be interested in taking advantage of the poor. The republicans are proposing to take away pell grant money, which is like the money not even I am eligible for. You have to be so dirt poor to get this grant and they're suggesting that we stop funding it? Tuition is already approved to go up? The republican mind set is this: if you're poor, then you shouldn't have a chance to move up in society. Somebody needs to do hard labor work and it should be left up to the poor. That's literally their mindset. Raising taxes for the poor = good. Taking away funding from Medicaid and Medicare = good. Paul Ryan was suggesting that we give old people money so they can shop for their life insurance. Think about it, who would accept a man/woman who's sure to die in a couple of years?

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