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"Oh, those are required for driving? I thought they were just suggestions"
"Will my friend's license do?"
"I left it at your mom's house."
"oh hold on, let me check up your ****"

Those probably wouldn't roll over well either.

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pb55020 pb55020

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% agree
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I hope you did good on your test-icles.

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pb55020 pb55020

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that girl goes through way too many guys to be angelic.

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In response to “that girl goes through way too many guys to...

Or maybe she just isn't able to make a real connection with them, because she refuses to get intimate.

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partinobodycular partinobodycular

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100,000,000,000 Galaxies. 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Stars. 8 Planets. Seems Legit.

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Astronaut_Will Astronaut_Will

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Cause without laws, everyone would go mad!

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In response to “Cause without laws, everyone would go mad!

Im not saying get rid of laws. Im saying get rid of laws that try to protect human beings from doing stupid shit to themselves. Immortal saying get rid of the murder and robbery laws. Im talking about laws that stop an individual from hurting themselves

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PeanutButterRatio PeanutButterRatio

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Yes. Except I've never gotten a love. a and I promised my self I wouldn't until I got at least one.

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penguinn penguinn

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Haters gonna hate. I guarantee everyone who down-thumbed me is religious.

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Tim5o Tim5o

In response to “Haters gonna hate. I guarantee everyone who...

I'm not religious and I gave it a thumbs down. I hate people who state opinion as fact. Don't be ignorant.

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Tape Tape

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Saying something twice doesn't make it any funnier, amirite?

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pb55020 pb55020

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OP could be a 35 year old married woman with 2 children who lives in the suburbs. OP does not necessarily have to be an irresponsible 17 year old boy.

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CrazyCheerio CrazyCheerio

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IS THIS A PROBLEM?! Sorry...I'll calm down, get a bit defensive about my math.

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_pi_ _pi_

In response to “IS THIS A PROBLEM?! Sorry...I'll calm down...

Heh heh...problem...math.

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Clementines Clementines

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