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Hmm.. I think Retooser, TicTacAddict, and Dean_Thomas are pretty famous. But that's just me.

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EpiskeyPM EpiskeyPM

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CockDangleAssFag, box, talkingRice, tictacAddict, 52489, BaconIsGoodForMe, FlipFlopandSocks, polarthebear, but I think the most ridiculous one would be Julian

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KickAss KickAss

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This post has been blown off its hinges. I'm gonna redirect it by making a list of users I find physically attractive. LAWLZAttack is already on the list. I have a bad memory, so these are from my messages list: Sexydumbass, Sobriquet, ItsATrap, Suzywao, SPEARMINTMILK, LARRYHI, Kayla_Loves_You, Chiddybang, Ilikefurrywolves4185, xTabithaxo, Frogy8thefly, Kalopsia, PocketPie, Shelbybuckffs, SamG, Shortillathehun, Beautiful_Rival, Layni, Kiwilee, _Ami_Raine_, TicTacAddict, INomOnBabies, Annieeekk, Lexxxiex3, Cuban_B, ihearandommusic, Montana, AverageSlytherin, ImTheRealShady, Stepharoo, Bethanytheravenclaw, Jesse_James, Loamelia, UhOhBananaTime, Daney, Imaninja16, rabieschick530, Jennitalia, BaconisGoodForMe, SomeEpicName, KaySeas, Andromeda, Iamrite23, Soulmeetsbody, Parade_rainer, France, Cat, and Jasmineboo.

That's not in any particular order, though I emphasized Spearmintmilk because she's my best friend and I love her. Same with LarryHi. Hilary is so **** sexy unf. ColeBowl also should have been on there, but she wasn't in my messages list.

So basically I am a **** with a wide variety of tastes. I was going to make another list by clicking random posts, but that list up there was already out of control.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

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More like my boyfriend's life changed.

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

In response to “More like my boyfriend's life changed.

Says the person with the screen name TicTacAddict. XD

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tyrannyvigilant tyrannyvigilant

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According to Seventeen Magazine, she is a certified genius with an SAT of 1500/1600 and an IQ of 140. Interesting food for thought.

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bbhatti12 bbhatti12

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I like the new book smell.

An electronic book may be more convenient, but it totally defeats the purpose of a BOOK.

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

In response to “I like the new book smell. An electronic...

I skimmed this. Trees are not extinct. If we put more work into nature restoration, this can still work.

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Cameras tend to make them appear larger. They are really not that huge.

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

In response to “Cameras tend to make them appear larger. They...

You kidding me? Those things must have their own area code.

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Jules_Winnfield Jules_Winnfield

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Is it sad that I immediately thought of Pokemon and said to myself that I'd rather have a Super Rod? .. Don't answer that, I know it is.

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Suzywao Suzywao

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Post is an interesting article about internalised misogyny, which is a topic relevant to this post because women will often put down other women by saying "girls start drama" or that they "think like a man" and "aren't like other girls" (because instead of concluding that, y'know, stereotypes about women aren't true, they conclude that they must be the only exception).

I'm not saying people who hang around with guys are all doing it because of internalised misogyny. If you have hobbies and interests more traditionally masculine, you're probably going to meet more men (and have more in common with them) than women with feminine ones. But if you're actively seeking out friendships with just men based on stereotypes about women, you maaaay want to read that article above. :)

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Yellow is a happy color.

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

In response to “Yellow is a happy color.

It's also the color of puke after eating too much eggs...

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budgerigar42 budgerigar42

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But, like it could be a baby rock and a really big sheet of paper, and the sheet of paper could wrap itself around the baby rock and the baby rock would get all confused, and lose his way! D<

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

In response to “But, like it could be a baby rock and a...

Are you sure those "tic tacs" aren't some sort of addictive pill you're overdosing on?

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.

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ClaireTheBozo ClaireTheBozo

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It makes you look fat.
And if you wear a highnecked shirt it makes them look bigger.
And then if you wear a short thats just a little too low cut you look like a ****. It's hard to find shirts.

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Shugah Shugah

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Wow, stop giving this chick so much hate. Sometimes sports bras just seem to make your figure look really weird, but regular bras aren't comfortable to run around in.

I feel like a lot of people turn the 'looks aren't everything' statement into 'if you care about your looks, you're a **.' There's nothing wrong with not wanting your ** to look weird while you're working out.

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Javvie Javvie

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What **? being in your sexuality is as simple as whether or not you like **.

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shorkian shorkian

In response to “What ****? **** being in your sexuality is as...

WRONG!! It means she prefers to have sexual intercourse with people of the opposite **. That's like saying a gay male is "heterosexual" because he likes **...ummm, no.

And as for when you stated that you are not limiting your open mind as to where it exceeds your sexuality, well hers doesn't go beyond her standards. So, respect it.

@1072552 (TicTacAddict): Lol, even though I don't know you, I'm sure as heck that was a "stfu, I'm not about to argue with you," type "Nothing. You're right."
In any case, if having standards means having a "closed mind," then so-be-it! Those that do not have standards are just...well, I'll try not to make this a generalization post.

PS: I apologize for reopening this discussion. =P

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JaJohn JaJohn

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The reason it's not an anti joke is because it has an actual punchline that makes you go "I see what you did there". An actual anti joke would be: "Helen Keller walks into a bar. She has a drink and enjoys her evening".

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Admiral_Beena Admiral_Beena

In response to “The reason it's not an anti joke is because...

How did she find this bar? Was it recommended by someone? Why a drink?

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KickAss KickAss

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It's ok to hook up with them if they're your first cousins, because you have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins...

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AnnDeeva AnnDeeva

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How about DCOTD, or "Dwight's comment of the day", in which somebody always takes advantage of replying to the first comments to get high scores? (hmm)

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polarthebear polarthebear

In response to “How about DCOTD, or "Dwight's comment of...

How about PTBDCOECTGHS-OTD, or "Polarthebear's Dry Criticism of Every Comment to Get High Scores-Of the Day?" (hmm)

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Brett Brett

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