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if you wanna speak in religious terms, God made the animals first- not the eggs.

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aPurpleSmoothPenguin aPurpleSmoothPenguin

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my badd. the way you worded it didn't really seem like you got my point. and i get what you're saying, i just think that some guys need to stop being such douches to girls

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aPurpleSmoothPenguin aPurpleSmoothPenguin

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call me 'lame' but i could never cheat on a girl nor only get with her to have ****. All i want with a girl is to have deep conversations and spending time together. Sucks how all the girls ive ever like turn me down for jerks

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AntiJokeChicken AntiJokeChicken

In response to “call me 'lame' but i could never cheat on a...

some girls dont actually realise who the good guys are ):

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aPurpleSmoothPenguin aPurpleSmoothPenguin

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"i mean really im not THAT stupid!" Uhm, yes you are.
1. "guys" is spelt with ONE y and ONE s.
2. "they're like really like special to me" is it necessary to use like that often? -.-
3. I is a proper noun and should be capitalized. In other words, "use the big I"
4. The first letter of the first word in a sentence should be capitalized. Dunce.
5. "it's not like im like" Again with 'like'?
6. the 'i' in "I'm" should be capitalized. And there is an apostrophe between the 'i' and the 'm'
7. Prego is a spaghetti sauce. I believe you mean 'pregnant'.
8. "im not THAT stupid!" Yes, yes you are.
9. You're a ****, and I hope you never procreate. Ever.

Normally I'm not such a bitchy Grammar Nazi, but you deserve it, hun. Invest in birth control, fast. The world doesn't need more of you.

You make me worry for my generation. The world is doomed.

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Jess_Doherty Jess_Doherty

In response to “"i mean really im not THAT stupid!"...

You. Are. Epic. Now please don't tell me how this is grammatically incorrect.

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aPurpleSmoothPenguin aPurpleSmoothPenguin

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