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Inb4 "I smoke weed and have a 4.0. You are a judgmental ****!"

The key phrase there people is "ALL THE TIME"

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Lkun Lkun

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One time, when I was younger, I wondered why it was so difficult to swat houseflies with your hand. That led me to my "houseflies can see in four dimensions" theory. Their view of the fourth dimension (time) is limited to maybe a second, but that is enough for them to avoid your hand.

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PhilboydStudge PhilboydStudge

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Gun free zones are the reason things like this happen. Shootings like this don't happen in police stations because they know everyone has a gun. They purposely go to places where people are most vulnerable, like movie theaters and schools, because they know no one is armed. It's so simple. Maybe the teachers shouldn't have them unless they are trained, but armed guards should be at every school. Period.

Switzerland, who mandates military service and then legally binds you to keep your weapon to arm yourself when you get out, has one of the lowest gun violence rates in the world. I wonder why!!!!!

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BonslyGuy BonslyGuy

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Also, Four is difficult for some reason.

On a related note: new way to play hang man. Go behind someone and put your arm around there neck. Everytime they guess a letter wrong tighten your arm around their neck. When they get a letter right loosen it a little. People start freaking out. Fun times

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saxybandgeek saxybandgeek

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Also, if firearms were outlawed, who actually thinks that the people who are most likely to use them on other people are the ones that will give them up? It's the people that ARE responsible citizens that would do so and they would end up with little protection when someone crazy realizes, "Hey, none of these people have guns. If I shoot them, they can't shoot back."

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Christina Hendricks is a "real woman"

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Yeah, because we all know that body type determines whether someone is a real woman or a real man.

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Is there a hidden meaning/ reference to this, or is it just funny because it's odd?

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In response to “Is there a hidden meaning/ reference to this...

I don't know if it's what OP was thinking about, but there's an episode of How I Met Your Mother in which Ted (the main character) wakes up one day with a girl in his bed and a pineapple on his nightstand and they never figure out where it came from

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It was more gross than awkward. The movies don't show that it will feel like there's a slug in your mouth, but I've grown to really enjoy making out.

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Deathelf Deathelf

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It caught me off guard. I never expected the girl to die. And the part where they said that she won't make it to the afterlife because she didn't have a soul was very surprising, especially for a childrens' movie

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HopeImrite HopeImrite

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This isn't actually a good POTD. This is quite obvious, just made to sound smart. "When you roll a die, depending on the angle and force you throw it on combined with other factors, it will end up on a number. We don't really know what that number will be."

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dan94 dan94

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This is the most insightful post ever. I'm so glad the new changes have allowed gems like this to make it through.

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Every once in a while, a post comes along that shakes the very meaning of "beautiful".

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Len Len

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Never spanked as a child, and I like to think I turned out fine.

I, by myself, completely disproved the post. Shouldn't have included the word "necessary".

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

In response to “Never spanked as a child, and I like to think...

Same here. My parents never laid a hand on me. Scoldings were enough to keep me in line and I believe that relatively, I grew up as a very obedient child because my motivation was simply to keep my parents happy. The reason my parent's method worked so well is that they were usually in a good mood and always happy around me. When they were unhappy, I would pay attention. Not to make assumptions, but I think typically, parents who are always in an ill mood have disobedient children simply because they stop taking their parent's anger seriously.

You could also think of it this way: Take people who swear all of the time versus people who seldom swear. When the person who seldom swears actually does, it must mean they have good reason for it and therefore you react differently to them than the person who always swears. It's the same as parenting. A parent who always shows love and affection towards their child will condition their child to always strive to obtain that love and affection.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

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Yeah. The best ones came when Ant picked them days in a advance, then they degraded just a little when they were picked just before the time, and now it's like it's an automated system for the most suggestions instead of a real person decided which is the most awesome.

I think even some of my earlier posts would have made better POTDs.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

In response to “Yeah. The best ones came when Ant picked them...

I don't know why all these people are hating. It isn't that creative a post, but give Anthony and the mods a break. It must be exhausting to sort through thousands of posts in order to find a kick-**** one every day for two years straight. I mean who can blame them for going to an automated system. Anthony needs to use his brain power to work on ending world hunger not picking a perfect POTD every day.

But I agree this post is slightly ****.

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Dwight Dwight

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