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I agree. But, like anything else, there's a reason for it. Songwriters do a lot of research to find out what sticks in the heads of consumers and what doesn't. When a **** tune pops (pun intended) into your head, just remember, there's an entire field of psychology devoted to music and the timeless art of for-profit manipulation.

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solaris solaris

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Some tribes believe that albino's are magical and would chop off pieces of them, take it to a sangoma, grind it up and eat it. So I think the first one was scared and traumatised.

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Deathelf Deathelf

In response to “Some tribes believe that albino's are magical...

Yeah, it's also believed having **** with an albino woman can cure HIV. (Leading to rapes.) It wouldn't be easy being an albino.

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not to be mean but once i found out that far east movement was asian i slowly stopped liking like a g6

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In response to “not to be mean but once i found out that far...

I understand. I try to refrain from looking the artist up because I usually like how I imagined them better...

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Chillin' with my favourite priest, gonna soul search.
Chillin' at my favourite place, why of course its my church.
Gon' have some good times. Gon' read some nice hymns.
Yeah man. You understand what I mean.
Taking time to become what we hope to be.
Yeah. Uh huh. Chillin' at my church.
We're gon' strengthen our faith and who we are.
We're gonna shine so bright like the Bethlehem star.
Yeah. Uh huh. Chillin' at my church.

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Macho March
All natural April
Manly May
Baboon June
Tough Guy July
Furry like a dog-ust
Stop shaving September
Out of ideas october.

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the world totally twisted and perverted Christmas. A day that was meant to celibate the birth of Christ turned into "let me make a list of what i want". Family time is good, but the holiday should be for Christ.

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I don't get why people put things like this on amirite. There is no right or wrong for this....if the OP likes it that way then so be it!

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mylifeisfly mylifeisfly

In response to “I don't get why people put things like this...

There's a right or wrong for each person. It's their opinion, which is what amirite is about. "Post opinions and see if other people agree." So this post is a very good example of what should be posted on the site.

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jen jen

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