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Sure, you may leave evidence but the point is does the evidence lead back to YOU?

1. Wear gloves - no fingerprints.
2. Wear a mask and dark clothing - no distinguishing features should anyone see you leaving/entering, etc.
3. Use common things - a common weapon, a common pair of shoes in case you leave behind footprints, a common car.
4. Do not eat or drink anything. Do not commit a crime when you have a runny nose - no DNA evidence. Also, multiple layers of clothing would ensure that your victim doesn't scratch you, leaving your DNA behind.
5. Clean up after yourself, like your mamma taught you. If the place was ransacked in the crime, tidy it so that it doesn't look like a crime of passion.

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I'm rather flabbergasted by your large vocabulary and word usage, and dare I say it's quite bitchin'.

Look at my fail... Forever alone.

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AdonisBatheus AdonisBatheus

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