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Getting an abortion is entirely that person's choice. It isn't right or wrong, it's whether or not SHE is ready for a baby. It's no one else's choice, so everyone just get over it.

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In response to “Getting an abortion is entirely that person's...

It was her decision to get pregnant. She made a life. Now she is killing it? That doesn't sound right. There is alwayys another choice, like adoption-giving the baby to a family that IS ready, instead of killing a baby for your own selfish reasons.

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You might as well just say "they should make a site like amirite only you can't be black to go on it."

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When I was little and mixed a bunch of drinks together we called it a "graveyard," not "suicide"

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chickensarecool01 chickensarecool01

In response to “When I was little and mixed a bunch of drinks...

We just called it "mixing all the drinks together".

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Hairyleo Hairyleo

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All yall rich people with your fancy technology I still have the ghetto version of word that just says f you and crashes randomly

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But of course, these are the posts that get homepaged with an atheist majority. NEVER post anything religious.

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People need to stop getting butthurt over unoriginal jokes.

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Shun Shun

In response to “People need to stop getting butthurt over...

I'm not. I'm saying it seems like a large portion of the jokes on this site have been taken from somewhere else.

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What makes you lose your wall V-card? I don't follow

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It's when you have nothing written on your amirite wall, and then some assertive mothertrucker comes along and leaves you your very first message without even having the decency to take you out to dinner beforehand.

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AwkwardMoments1 AwkwardMoments1

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When Japan was nuked, at least the world got Godzilla out of it. What did America contribute besides crappy benefit songs and documentaries?

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shorkian shorkian

In response to “When Japan was nuked, at least the world got...

Well my house climbed 2 spots in the world's tallest building ranks.

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StealthApple StealthApple

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At first I was trying to find a difference between frustrated and fustrated, and I became frustrated that I couldn't find the the difference between the two.
Then I saw the r

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SuddenEpiphany SuddenEpiphany

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